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party ideas

How to Create a Haunted House in Your Dorm

black and white image of old house with gnarled treeHosting the perfect haunted house in your dorm is all about creating that spooky ambiance. Think low-lighting, eerie music and gobs of fake blood.

Follow these tips to cram the perfect haunted house into your dorm.

The bedroom: Turn your sleeping area into a crime scene by lining the door with police tape. Purchase old bed sheets from Goodwill and smear them with fake blood. Strategically place the fake murder weapon in plain sight. To top it off, place a large sheet of black paper on the floor, and outline a “dead body” in chalk.

The living area: Play an old slasher movie on your TV. Dress up a family of skeletons and place them on the couch so it looks like they’re watching the movie.

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Celebrate Even When You Can’t Go Home for the Holidays

December is here and it’s bringing the festivities with it. Commitments at work, lack of funds, a hectic study schedule and winter weather conditions are just a handful of reasons why you might not be traveling home for the holidays. There are still a lot of ways you can celebrate the holidays, even if you’re flying solo.

Piggy-back on someone else’s holiday dinner. A lot of families would be more than happy for you to join them, just be sure you offer to help!

Hosting your own celebration is always an option. You can easily create a small get-together with other students that are stuck on campus. This would be a great time to make new friends and help others feel not-so-lonely. Take a lot of pictures and share them with your friends and family back home because they miss you as much as you miss them.

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From Turkey to Tailgate: Throw the Perfect Football Party

I love turkey and pumpkin pie as much as the next girl, but I can’t be the only one who is ready for a break in the Thanksgiving monotony, right? I think it’s about time we shift our focus from Thanksgiving dinner and turn to another well-loved tradition, tailgate parties! There’s a lot to consider when throwing a tailgate party, but the important thing to remember is that it should be fun and low-stress.

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Host an Olympic Party in Your Dorm Room

cupcakeWith the 2010 Winter Olympics just a few days away, why not curb the winter blues and host an Olympic-themed party in your college dorm room or apartment during the opening ceremonies?

Consider this Olympic kick-off party just another reason to gather some friends around, nosh on some great food and drinks and become inspired by the young athletes who have trained for their entire lives for this day.

Here are few tips to get your Olympic party going.

  • Don patriotic clothing: Guests are only allowed to wear clothing that represents their country of origin. So if you hail from the U.S., red, white and blue digs must be worn and for your dorm buddy who comes from India, green, saffron and white clothing is their ticket into the soiree.
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Best Halloween Party Ideas

halloween partyHalloween is almost here! Hopefully you’ve already picked out your costume, but if not, check out EDUinReview’s recommendations for the best Halloween costumes. So, now you have a costume.

Do you have plans? Well, if not, why not throw a party? Everyone loves parties, especially themed parties. And if you need a few ideas for what would make a ghoulishly awesome Halloween party, check out these ideas:

1. Jason/Freddy Kruger Party– Two of the scariest, evil bad guys ever: Jason and Freddy. You can easily plan a party around this. Tell your friends to come dressed as either of these villains, their victims, or even Wes Craven. Then pop in the DVD and start getting scared. You can play games such as whenever someone dies, everyone has to tell their own creepy story, or whatever creative ideas you can come up with.

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Best Halloween Costumes for 2009

It’s October! And you know what that means: Halloween!skeleton mask

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. When I was a kid, it was all about the candy. Now that I’m in college, it’s about having a better costume than my friends. My first costume when I was a baby was a pea-pod. I remember being a butterfly for four years in a row when I was 6-10. I like to think that my costume ideas have improved since my childhood; however, last year’s attempts to turn a black cocktail dress into a “Desperate Housewife” didn’t really turn out too well.

This year, I plan on picking my costume from one of the following lists of the top costumes for 2009. Read the rest of this entry »


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