Healthiest and Unhealthiest College Stadium Food

sports stadiumFrom jumbo hot dogs to greasy French fries, you don’t need a Ph.D to know that most foods offered at sports stadiums are not the healthiest fare. Since college campuses are always buzzing with football, hockey and basketball games, it is important to arm yourself with a score sheet of the best and worst eats in sports arenas. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten College Foods You Miss

kraft mac and cheeseAs a university and sorority alumnae, some of my fondest memories of my college career involve sitting around eating, drinking and chatting with my friends.

And while my friends and I sometimes made a conscious effort to be healthy, we often fell victim to the ease, convenience, and cheap options readily available on campus.

Now, out of college, I find myself often craving these nostalgic foods that I used to indulge in.

1. Mac and cheese: Call me a sucker for the blue box, but there is only one other meal (see below) I would rather indulge in than a big bowl of cheesy good stuff. Whether it was Easy Mac or the little cartoon shapes, my friends and I could hardly ever resist our childhood favorite.

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