Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Korean Students Rewarded For Good Grades With Plastic Surgery

Edu in Review has reported previously about students being rewarded or bribed with money for exceptional grades, and even social media programs that offer similar themed programs, but now half a world away comes a different reward: plastic surgery.

Teenagers have long coveted plastic surgery across the world. Unhappy with their physical appearance and perhaps the pressures and self esteem troubles often associated with the years of a developing adolescence, teenage surgeries account for a substantial number of procedures in today’s culture.

As a result of this, many South Korean parents have chosen to reward good grades, above average standardized test scoring, college admission acceptance or even college or high school completion, with their student’s desired plastic surgery procedure.

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College Student Plastic Surgery on the Rise

botox-injectionIn years past, most plastic surgery patients were wealthy older women on a quest to look and feel younger, but now high school and college students are frequenting the offices of plastic surgeons to get procedures to make their bodies perfectly proportional or more “beautiful.”

Most students are inquiring about consultations not to achieve a desired unattainable essence of perfection, but simply to tweak a “physical flaw” that bothers them. A minor rhinoplasty (nose job) is one of the most popular procedures done for students between the ages of 16-24, many asking for the surgery as a graduation gift.

And more commonly than the minor tweaks, are the procedures to feel comfortable physically, as opposed to mentally within their own skin. Young women are under going breast reduction surgeries to rid themselves of the pain their large breasts inflict on their backs, as per a recommendation from their chiropractor. Read the rest of this entry »


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