High School Students Arrested for Selling Drugs to Police

handcuffs on white backgroundIf you are a Drew Barrymore fan like me, you’ve seen her movie, Never Been Kissed. If not, then let me give you a quick breakdown of the movie: a woman in her 20s goes back to high school, poses as a teenager, and gets to know the students. It’s a cute movie, but I always thought it seemed a little unrealistic. However, after ten high school students were arrested last week by an undercover police officer who had been posing as a fellow student for four months, I guess it seems a little bit more realistic to me now.

On January 11, 2012, 10 students from Angleton High in Texas were arrested for selling prescription drugs and marijuana. They were discovered by an undercover police officer who was pretending to be a fellow student. The police department will not say whether the undercover officer was male or female, but that he/she is “very young looking.”

“Basically the school district reached out to us,” said Lt. Chris Reioux, head of the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office narcotics division. “We provided the undercover officer and funded the operation and they took care of getting the officer enrolled in the school.”

Five of the students who were arrested are over 18, while the other five will be face charges as juveniles. Their names have not been released yet. Two former students were also arrested. There have been 28 separate charges filed against these people related to selling drugs to the undercover officer.

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High School Students are Maced by Police for Celebrating a Football Victory

Mace Pepper SprayIt sounds like something out of Footloose, but unfortunately, this did not happen in a movie. Last week, police in a small town in Utah used pepper spray on high school students when the students began dancing a Haka celebration dance following a football game victory.

According to the Associated Press, a group of students and young adults who were related to a football player at Roosevelt Union High School started celebrating the team’s win by performing a traditional Maori dance. Evidently, the dancing occurred in a location that blocked the exit and prevented other people from leaving the field. Police asked the celebrators to move so that players and other fans could leave the field. However, they refused, so the police began using pepper spray in order to displace the crowd.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Jason Kelly, a fan of the Roosevelt Union High football team. “It was totally unprovoked.”

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College Girl Named Police Chief in Mexican Border Town

Marisol Valles García (Image via Raymundo Ruiz, AP)

Marisol Valles García (Image via Raymundo Ruiz, AP)

UPDATE [3/11/11]: CNN reports that Marisol Valles García was fired from her post as police chief after failing to return to work after taking a leave of absence. Unofficial accounts say that Valles Garcia fled to the United States to seek asylum. “Marisol Valles Garcia is in the United States and she will have the opportunity to present the facts of her case before an impartial immigration judge. Absent a signed privacy waiver, there are no additional details,” says an official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Original Article

Marisol Valles García is a 20-year-old criminology major. She’s also the new police chief of Praxedis G. Guerrero, a Mexican border town that has a history of drug cartel violence. After the former police chief was assassinated, Valles was the only applicant for the position. She has lived in Praxedis G. Guerrero for the past ten years.

Many of the town’s residents are afraid to leave their homes at night, when the drug cartels are on the move. “Everyone is afraid and it’s very natural,” said Valles. “What motivates me here is that the project [to make the community safer] is very good and can do a lot for my town. I know that we are going to change and remove this.” She has been assigned two body guards but does not carry a gun, reports Aol News. Just this year, 11 Mexican mayors have been killed, including the former mayor of Guadalupe.

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University of Oregon Students Riot in Local Neighborhood

cruzerA group of 400 rioters stormed a neighborhood street in Eugene, Oregon on September 24, 2010. Some of the rioters were college students from the University of Oregon.

The riot occurred in the West University neighborhood. Many students live in this area and have “very large houses with basements (that) can hold a couple hundred people each,” according to the Eugene police spokesman Doug Mozan.

It seems that a party got out of hand, and the drunken party-ers spilled out of the house and into the streets. Once in the neighborhood streets, they began throwing bottles at officers, breaking car windows, and tearing down street signs.

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28 People Are Arrested for Celebrating a University of Maryland Basketball Victory

university of marylandIt’s always exciting when your school’s team wins against a rival school. In my opinion, this always calls for a celebration. After the Sooners beat the Cowboys, my friends and I went out for ice cream. But we have never joined in a celebration that was so big that police officers were called in, 28 people were arrested, and five ended up in the hospital.

When the University of Maryland’s men’s basketball team beat Duke’s team on March 5, 2010, students gathered together and celebrated. They were very excited after defeated their rival, and “sang and cheered over their team’s success.”

However, police officers were not pleased. Officers showed up in full riot gear, with the goal of clearing the street. According to the Washington Post, many eyewitnesses reported that the officers were being overly dramatic, “banging clubs against their riot shields as they slowly moved forward.”

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