High School Dropout Rate Strongly Linked to Third Grade Reading Level

If your child isn’t proficient in reading by the third grade, it’s time to worry. According to a recent report, children are four times more likely to drop out of high school if they haven’t mastered their expected literacy level by the third grade.

The study, released by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, also found that roughly 16 percent of children that have trouble reading by the third grade will not graduate on time.

The third grade is an important milestone in reading because in those first three grade-school years the emphasis is placed on learning to read.

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Girl Effect Aims to End Poverty and Malnutrition Through Education

There are 100 million fewer women than men around the world. In impoverished areas of the world, if a girl survives to adolescence, often times social constructs and even laws put them at a disadvantage to men. Poverty, poor medical care, lack of sexual protection, childbirth, and several other factors that prey on women all contribute to their shortened life expectancy. It is a viscous cycle; education can reduce poverty, but poverty causes education to become less of a priority or possibility.

Girl Effect aims to attack poverty, disease, war, social equality, and the world’s economy by educating girls in the developing world. It may sound idealistic, but there is much research behind the hypothesis that when girls are given any additional education, they are less likely to marry early, have children early, die from childbirth, contract HIV, and live in poverty. The Girl Effect also recognizes the different impact that women have versus men on their children and families. According to The Girl Effect Fact Sheet women reinvest 90 percent of income into their families, while men only reinvest 30 to 40 percent of income into their families. That means that educating a young girl and giving her the opportunity to earn an income will make her 50 percent more likely to reduce poverty in her family than if a young boy was given additional educational opportunities. Women can make powerful changes when given the opportunity.

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