Middle School Students Take Locker Decorations to a Whole New Level

two teen girls next to decorated lockerBack when I was in middle school, I decorated my locker with pictures of *NSync, all my friend, and a paper flower that my crush had given me.  It was actually pretty awesome, not gonna lie. But today, middle schoolers are putting my feeble attempt at locker-decoration to shame.

Allow me to introduce Nola Storey. Storey is an 11-year old student at Rye Middle School in New York. Her locker decorations go above and beyond anything I could have thought of. Her locker is equipped with a polka-dot chandelier, zebra-print wallpaper, and a lime green shag rug.

“I’ve had a bunch of people stop by my locker, and say, ‘Wow, your locker’s so cool,'” Storey said.

Other trends in the locker-decorating craze include motion-sensor lamps that turn on when the locker door opens, magnetic wallpapers, and furry carpets.

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