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Brett Hoebel’s Education and Fitness Background

For all of you Biggest Loser fans, this is a name you’re going to want to be familiar with: Brett Hoebel. Hoebel is an international fitness expert, personal trainer for celebrities, and could quite possibly be the newest Biggest Loser trainer for season 11.

Hoebel is not just some muscular guy who spends too much time in the gym. He developed his workout plans based on his studies as an undergraduate and graduate student. As an undergrad, Hoebel majored in biomedical science with hopes of becoming a doctor. Then, in his post-grad studies, he studied functional strength training, nutrition, yoga, and holistic health.

According to, he is also certified in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Metabolic Typing, Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, Hatha Yoga, and Prenatal & Postpartum Conditioning. He also has published papers with UCLA, New York University, and Princeton University.

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Elena Kagan’s Education Background

Elena Kagan: Then and Now. Elena's senior college picture is from

Elena Kagan, Image Via the

President Obama just announced his pick for the U.S. Supreme Court: Elena Kagan.

Kagan was born in New York City and graduated from Princeton, summa cum laude in 1981. She went on to earn her Master’s degree in philosophy from Oxford University and her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law in 1986.

While Kagan was at Princeton, she was the editor of the Daily Princetonian, the school newspaper, from 1980-1981. The Daily Princetonian issued a report on Kagan on May 3, 2010.

 Here are some excerpts from that report:

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Are Best Value Schools Really a Good Bargain?

yale universityI recently posted a blog about the Top 10 Best Value Colleges in the U.S. It made sense to me why these were good schools. They have reasonable tuitions, are respectable schools, and the average student debt is lower at these schools than the national average student debt upon graduation. But according to an article in CBS’ Moneywatch, maybe I should rethink my opinion of these schools.

Evidently the people at the Princeton Review who ranked the top public and private  best value schools forgot to take something very important into account: Scholarships.

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