The Study Habits of Each Zodiac Sign

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about the zodiac right now. The topic has popped up everywhere the last couple of days and everyone has something to say about. Have our signs changed? Does it matter? I honestly don’t know, but I have to admit that finding a way for it to all apply to us at EDU was a fun mission to take on! I found some common study traits of each sign, although I’m sure most of you are still confused about which sign to look up! My advice is to look up both, the new and the old, because it’s all in good fun, right? Although I’m not sure what to tell those of you who fall under the new sign, Ophiuchus!

Zodiac study habits, according to the original zodiac chart that we all know and love:

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This website is a either a procrastinator's best friend or worst nightmare during Finals Week, depending on how you look at it.Final exams are taking over the lives of students across the nation. Many students are spending the majority of their waking hours in the school library, studying. Or are they?

Come on, just admit it: half of your online “study time” is actually spent on Facebook or YouTube. It’s not that you plan to waste hours creeping on old friends’ pictures or watching the latest viral video, but those sneaky websites just pull you in, and before you know it, you haven’t done any studying but you have learned way too much about Taylor Lautner‘s love life.

For all of you procrastinators and Facebook addicts, there is a cure! is the answer to your prayers (or your worst nightmare, depending how you look at it). helps you stay off these addicting websites by creating an alternative link for you to use to access the website. If you click on the link more often than you should during your set amount of time, you will get a message telling you that you have to wait.

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How to Raise Your GPA

Raise Your GPACollege and high school are drastically different. Once you go to college, you’ve got a lot more freedom. It’s totally up to you as a student to go to class, remember to do your homework and study for tests. Sometimes that level of responsibility can be good, and for some, it can spell trouble.

Your level of attentiveness and class participation translates directly into your grades. If you miss class, or constantly show up late, you miss out on assignments, important notes the teacher might give, test dates and your grades can suffer. Having a high grade point average (GPA) in college can translate into getting into better graduate school programs, getting a better job or even being eligible for the best internships.

For those that find they have a need to try and raise their GPA, there is hope. These tips can even be used by those just starting college to keep their grades top notch. Whether you plan to go to graduate school or not, having a high GPA can be a helpful tool to show you’ve mastered your curriculum.

Go to class: Being in class shows your professors that you care enough to be there. Being in class will ensure that you never miss out on a surprise quiz, project or participation points. Many teachers have chosen to give students credit just for going to class. Those points can make the difference between letter grades. Also, if you’re constantly in class, you’re bound to absorb more of that information that’s being tossed around, whether you mean to or not. Read the rest of this entry »


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