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Shmoop website logoHave you ever wanted to learn about an academic subject – such as literature, economics, Shakespeare, or biology – but did not want to be bored to death as some old professor droned on and on about it? Well have no fear. There’s a new website that will teach you these things while also making you “a better love (of literature, history, life).” It’s called Shmoop.

Shmoop is a website that makes learning and writing more fun and also more relevant for everyone. They do this by reviewing topics that you really care about in a voice that is simple to read and actually pretty funny. They also teach you how to write papers, speak more intelligently in classes, and “make studying less of a snooze-fest.” Sounds like a good thing to me!

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Free SAT, ACT and PSAT Testing During Test Fest

Princeton Review LogoMarch is The Princeton Review’s National Test Fest, and to celebrate, they’re offering free practice college-entrance exams. Taking a practice test not only gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the test format, it also can help you figure out where you need improvement and how to best prepare for the actual exam.

The Princeton Review also offers high school students an evaluation tool to help them determine if they will do better on the ACT or SAT. Called The Princeton Review Assessment (PRA), it helps you make the most of your options as more and more colleges and universities accept both exam scores.

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Princeton Review Offers Discounts for Classroom and LiveOnline Courses

princeton review

This offer is expired. See current offers from The Princeton Review here.

The Princeton Review recently declared March 20th National Testing Day and offered free ACT, SAT, and PSAT practice tests to anyone who signed up. It was a great opportunity for students to become more familiar with the nerve racking tests and to find out which areas they struggled with the most.

Students who study with the Princeton Review are guaranteed to see results after studying with expert instructors and comprehensive study materials. The Princeton Review has small class sizes to guarantee personalized attention and customized courses to make sure you can attend a course at a time that is convenient for you.

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Take Advantage of National Testing Day to Improve Your Test Score

the princeton reviewTaking the SAT, ACT, or PSAT is a nerve racking experience. I froze up my first time taking the ACT and didn’t finish the math section. I knew how to do it; it was just new and scary. It would have been awesome if I had been able to take a practice test beforehand. That way I would have known what to expect, how to pace myself, and known where to spend most of my time, based on my strengths and weaknesses.

Evidently the people at the Princeton Review have heard several people share my same concern. They have declared March 20, 2010 as National Testing Day they are offering a free full-length, SAT, ACT, or PSAT practice test to anyone who signs up.

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Kaplan Test Prep $300 Coupon for SAT, ACT and PSAT Courses

kaplan test prepAny high school student considering college needs to make sure that scoring well on college entrance exams is at the top of their priority list. These exams are one of the first steps to consider when preparing for college during high school. The SAT and the ACT are the two entrance exams that schools request scores for; depending on where you apply, one or both may be required. (Although more than 800 schools are eliminating SAT scores.)

If you’re ready to get a good SAT score, then consider Kaplan. This is the go-to resource for college exam preparation. They’ll provide students with all the information and guidance necessary to not only get through test day, but score well.

Through July 31, 2009, when you enroll in a Kaplan comprehensive course for PSAT, SAT or ACT, you’ll receive a $300 discount.

Save $300 on SAT, ACT, PSAT Tutoring, Small Group Tutoring, Classroom Courses, and Live Online Courses

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Kaplan Test Prep $100 Coupon for Summer

For students preparing to take college entrance exams, Kaplan is a fairly familiar name. Kaplan is the go-to resource for test prep. If you or your child is planning to take one of these tests soon, consider Kaplan before you need your number two pencils.

Ongoing Save $100 on Kaplan Classroom prep courses

This summer, Kaplan is offering a $100 discount on the following test prep classroom courses:

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PSAT Perfect Preparation for SAT Tests

This morning the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors will find themselves sitting through a long couple of hours as they complete the PSAT. For some, this will be their first glimpse of what is to come with standardized testing. For some, it’ll be their second chance, while others will be working to accomplish what 18 students accomplished at East High this year, National Merit Semifinalist.

The PSAT (or Pre-SAT) is a test that mimics the SAT. The questions asked, how they are asked, and the format of the test are made so that they can resemble the SAT without giving the full blown test. The PSAT is great preparation for the SAT because, not only does it put you in a testing situation identical to that when you take the actual test, but it also familiarizes you with the format of the SAT and gives you examples of what to expect on the real test. Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Say National Merit Scholarship?

This past week, those who received National Merit Semi-finalists were released to the public, and out of the 19 National Merit Semi-finalists who were within the USD 259 District, 18 of them were from East High School! This was also the biggest group from a single school in the state of Kansas!

east high school

For those who are unaware of what National Merit is, it’s an accomplishment based on the score you receive your junior year on the PSAT. This year the cut-off for National Merit Semi-finalists was 211. The difference between the PSAT and the SAT score is simply a power of 10. Instead of each section being worth 800, on the PSAT each section is worth 80. So any student who received a score of 211 or higher was deemed a National Merit Semi-finalist!

I couldn’t help but let my jaw drop when I heard how many East students were announced as National Merit Semi-finalists! This set a new record for the number of students receiving this honor at East, the previous record was 12 students. What makes it even better is that I know all of the students who received this honor and know every one of them deserves it because of how hard they worked to get the scores high enough to qualify. One of the 18 happens to be my best friend!

In order then to become a Finalist, each student must send in a variety of items including an essay, that will be reviewed and after those items are reviewed Finalists will be announced in the spring. For each of the 18 at East I have my fingers crossed! Becoming a National Merit Finalist opens a huge number of doors for scholarships from a lot of schools. Most State Universities or Colleges will offer a free ride! While some of the private schools may only offer a smaller amount, it’s still money for college, money you or your parents will not have to pay!

So to all the semi-finalists I wish the best of luck!


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