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High School Chant Gets Blown Out of Proportion

Since when does a group of high school students chanting “USA! USA!” during a school sporting event earn national media coverage? The answer seems to be “since now.”

During a recent high school basketball state playoff game in San Antonio, TX, a group of high school students who attend Alamo Heights High School began chanting the symbolic letters after their school’s team beat their rival, Edison High.

The seemingly-innocent chant has gained a lot of attention from news sources such as MSNBC, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, because it supposedly intersects race, sports, and politics. You see, the students at Alamo Heights are mostly white, but the students who attend Edison High are mostly Hispanic. Does it make a little more sense now?

When the students started chanting, Andrew Brewer, the head coach of the basketball team, quickly silenced them; the chanting only lasted about five seconds. The school superintendent, Kevin Brown, apologized for the students’ behavior and said that they would not be allowed to attend the state semifinal games as a punishment. However, these actions were not enough to please Gil Garza. Garza made a complaint to the governing body of Texas public schools three days after the event.

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Did This Principal Make a Racist Comment or Simply State the Facts?

germantown pricipal

Dr. Ted Hornell

In a nation where we are extremely concerned with being politically correct, it blows my mind that a principal at a high school in Tennessee would be as crass to say that a specific ethnic group of students was “less smart” than its peers. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Ted Horrell, the principal of Germantown High School, said earlier this month about the black students at his school.

“I unintentionally offended a number of students on this campus,” Horrell wrote in a letter to the parents and students of his school. “I apologize to all the students and parents who were offended.”

The high school recently received its state report card. This report card showed the students standardized test scores broken down according to the students’ races and incomes. Last week, the school held an assembly to discuss measures that could be taken to close the gap between the different groups of students, and it was during this assembly that Horrell misspoke and said what many considered to be a racist comment.

“[My daughter] felt he presented this information to basically reflect the African American students were all the reason the scores were down,” said Deborah Cannon, a parent whose child attends the high school.

Horrell says that he did make note of the fact that certain ethnic groups of students had performed better on the test than others during the assembly; however, he says he “certainly didn’t say that white students are smarter than black students.”

Nationwide, there is an achievement gap between different ethnic groups. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, 9 percent of white students were performing at their grade level’s expectations in fourth-grade math, compared to only 1 percent of black students and 2 percent of Hispanic students.

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Racist Cupcakes Promote Discussion on UC Berkeley Campus

red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frostingAffirmative action is a policy that many institutions use to benefit underrepresented groups and is usually based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Many people see this as a good policy because it can, for example, help groups of student who do not attend college get a scholarship or some other form of aid.

However, when students at UC Berkeley heard that Governor Jerry Brown was going to sign an Affirmative Action-life bill, they were not so pleased about it. In order to make their opinions known, the students organized a satirical Increase Diversity Bake Sale. The pastries that were sold in the bake sale were price-adjusted, based on the race of the buyer. For example, white men would have to pay $2.00 for a cupcake, while Native Americans would pay only $0.25 for the same cupcake. Women also received a price break of $0.25 off.

“Just like the CA Senate Bills 185 and 387 the phone bank supports, we will be considering race, gender, ethnicity, national/geographical origin, and other relevant factors to ensure the equitable distribution of baked goods to our diverse student body,” the group announced on a Facebook post advertising the bake sale. They finished the announcement with this: “Hope to see you all there! If you don’t come, you’re a racist!”

The group claims that its actions are purely satirical. Sadly, some students do not find the bake sale at all humorous or entertaining.

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UCLA Student Apologizes for Racist YouTube Rant

UCLA Racist YouTube RantAlexandra Wallace, the University of California, Los Angeles student who created the viral “Asians in the Library” YouTube video apologized for rant. UCLA’s campus paper, The Daily Bruin, reports that Wallace regrets creating the video, in which she imitates speaking an Asian language with nonsense words after accusing Asian parents of not teaching their children to “fend for themselves” or manners. She also goes on to complain about “hordes” of Asian students talking on their cell phones in the library.

“Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate,” said Wallace. “I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would. I’d like to offer my apology to the entire UCLA campus. For those who cannot find it within them to accept my apology, I understand.”

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Football Coach Quits After Making Racist Comments

Former coach Larry Dauterive

Former coach Larry Dauterive

Larry Dauterive resigned as East St. John High School’s head football coach last Friday. His resignation came after a meeting with the school superintendent regarding his recent racially prejudiced comments.

During his speech to the New Orleans Quarterback Club, Dauterive spoke about what it was like for him as a white man to coach a team of predominantly black players. He considered himself an important role in their lives saying that he is, “the only Papa they got.”

Although it sounds prejudiced to say that a team of black football players come from mostly single-parent families, Dauterive insists that it’s the truth and that it’s hard to ignore. Fabricka Anderson (one of the parents) said, “I think a lot of what he said was true, but it’s not just in the African-American community, and if what he said steps on our toes, than we kind of need to step up.” Read the rest of this entry »

White Supremacist Runs for School Board Seat Unchallenged

Image via Dan Schruender

Image via Dan Schruender

Dan Schruender was set to win a seat on California’s Rialto School Board. He did not gain much support in the district, in fact some called for him to pull out of the election. But he went unopposed.

Not only is Schruender a white supremacist, he is a former president of the California chapter of Aryan Nations and continues to be involved in the organization as the director of Publications and Information. In case it’s unclear how Schuender’s participation in the neo-Nazi organization really informs his opinions, his blog, “National Socialist American Labor Party Propaganda and Publications” is chock-full of racist propaganda. These messages, like one that implies that white women and girls are in danger of being murdered in “Obama’s America,” are even more disturbing in light of the fact that the Rialto school district is 75 percent Hispanic and 15 percent black. What kind of policies would he promote for a population he considers to be 90 percent opponents? Read the rest of this entry »


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