recommended servings

recommended servings

College Students Not Getting Enough Fruits and Veggies

It comes with no surprise that college life doesn’t encourage healthy eating habits. Dining halls allow easy access to pizza and burgers, while late-night cram session call for second or third dinners. However, one study’s findings, by Oregon State University, may cause further alarm.

Most college students aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. The recommended amount is five servings; most go days without eating one. The university surveyed 582 college students and found that, on average, men ate five servings a week, and women ate four.

“We found that students skipped meals fairly frequently, which could account for some of the lack of fruits and veggies,” said Brad Cardinal in a news release. “Still, even accounting for fewer meals consumed, the students were on average not always eating even one serving of fruits or vegetables per day, far below USDA guidelines.”

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