reduce stress

reduce stress

How to Unwind After a Final

Once you turn in a final exam, the worry of how well you did on the test may override your excitement of completing a course. Remember that once you turn in that grade-determining test, there’s no going back. Whether it be a day or a week until you find out what your final grade will be, there’s no use in stressing about how well you think you did in the class.

When you leave class for the last time of the semester, you need unwind, and if you don’t know how, read these five tips on how to reduce your stress after taking a final.

See a movie: Cinema therapy is a great way to unwind and will get your mind off of those borderline grades. Thor, Jumping the Broom and Something Borrowed all open this Friday. So, grab your friends and head to your local theater. Be sure to bring your student I.D. for ticket discounts.

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4 Ways to Have a Better Winter Break

Your finals are over. You’ve turned in your term papers, and you are enrolled for next semester. As you leave campus for the next few weeks, you will find that winter break can lead to laziness. So, before you plan to spend your break on the couch watching TV, read these tips on how to have a more productive and enjoyable winter break.

1. Make some cash: Find a job that will keep your stress to a minimum. Remember that you’re on break so you can unwind from that semester of cramming. Find a job babysitting, walking dogs, serving or other part-time jobs that will keep your work week short.

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