Recharging Your Batteries Before Exams

This time of year is one that induces stress in both high school and college students alike. Exams are around the corner, with that comes the late nights and loss of social life. I am here to give you some advice from my college experience. Recharge your batteries. students-relaxing

Something can be said about the benefits of studying 72 hours in five days, but when does it become too much? Studying is an important part of getting good grades, but what use is working your brain to the nub when you are too tired to recall the information you have learned. Read the rest of this entry »

High School Stress Leads to Baldness

Yes. I fear I may lose all my hair by the time I turn 25. All because of stress. Most High School students are familiar with stress and how it works its evil ways and it works itself into your life and never seems go away. But of course, whether or not you allow the stress to get the best of you or consume your life is what is key.

Stress management is one of the most important things to learn early on in your academic career and be sure to maintain throughout the years, even in college. Stress can cause bad habits, such as overeating, loss of sleep, and another habits such as nail biting that never seem to go away. My friend recently told me to remember when you are stressed to remember you are a person and not just a student. This is actually a great piece of advice. It’s telling you to look at other aspects of your life when one stresses you out and try to focus on other things in order to remove the stress. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Favorite Ways for High School Seniors to Relax

One of the biggest problems I seem to have in high school is taking time for myself and just relaxing on a daily basis. Although it seems I find little time to relax, there are many ways in which I choose to relax!

1. Listen to music – listening to my favorite band or song always helps me to calm down and just mellow out. Just sitting down, or even when I’m driving, putting on a favorite song or band can help me to relax and can even help to completely change the mood I’m in!

2. Exercising/Playing a sport- For me, a great way to relax and relieve a little stress is to hit some balls in a batting cage. Not only is it a favorite way for me to relax, but its also a perfect stress reliever because hitting the ball gives me such a great feeling! So go to the gym or go outside and get a good work out, or play a quick game of basketball. Exercise always makes you feel better!

3. Pick up a good book – a lot of people may think this isn’t a way to relax, but I find it extremely relaxing when I pick out a good book and curl up in my bed or on a couch and read and read and read. Especially if it’s a story you can really get into and enter the reality of the book, leaving your own busy, stressful world behind. Reading a good book can help to take your mind off of anything that may be causing you a great deal of stress.

4. Take a nap- slowing down is key when trying to relax and become a little less stressed. And what better way to slow down than shut down completely?! Whether it is a much needed (and deserved!) 2 hour nap or it is just a quick 30 minute power nap, either can be amazing and you may be shocked at how much better you feel after a nap.

5. Hang out with Friends- This is a great way to just sit back and enjoy yourself. For me, hanging out with friends always helps me to forget about how stressed I may be or will help to take my mind off how much I have to do. Everyone needs a little time with friends to just chill and forget about everything, but enjoying a little free time along with your friends may help to slow things down a bit, too.

If you think you have no free time for any of these things and find yourself completely stressed, then I suggest finding some free time. Being stressed will do you no good, but approaching something in a much more relaxed manner will get you somewhere!


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