remedial courses

remedial courses

Low Graduation Rates for Community College Students Has Many Calling for Reform

graduation ratesOnly 25 percent of community college students earn degrees within six years. This statistic is not only shocking, it’s bad news for our recovering economy. Why are community college students not succeeding? A large part of the problem lies within developmental education. A conference was held at the Teachers College of Columbia University to delve deeper into this subject.

Developmental education is the term used for sub-college level courses. Remedial course is another phrase used to describe these classes. Remedial courses include classes that teach basic reading and math, skills students should have learned long ago. These courses provide students with the skills needed to succeed in their college-level coursework and are often required for new students who do not score high enough on placement tests.  Read the rest of this entry »

Is This the End of Remedial College Classes?

This is one of the remedial classes that Martin takes at her college.

This is one of the remedial classes that Martin takes at her college.

Nobody really wants to take remedial classes, which are a prerequisite for higher level courses, but do not count for college credit. Think of it like a fifth year of high school, except that they cost the same as a class that does earn credit, usually around $300-$600 per class.

Bethany Martin, a freshman at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, was surprised when she enrolled and was told she needed to retake classes she had studied in high school. Most blame the need for remedial courses on a disconnect between what is expected from high school and college students. Read the rest of this entry »


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