Rhode Island

Rhode Island

A Rhode Island School Fires the Entire Faculty to Improve Students’ Learning Opportunities

firedIf students are not doing well on standardized tests and are not keeping up to national standards, what’s the solution? Offer improved teacher training? Have students attend small group tutoring sessions? Put more of an emphasis on test preparation?

Or, if the school in question is in Central Falls, Rhode Island, the option might be to fire the entire faculty of the school.

This decision was a very controversial one and is sending shockwaves across the country. Even more shocking to some was President Obama’s endorsement of the decision.

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Rhode Island Taxing College Students

Students in Rhode Island are facing a possible $300 enrollment tax.

Everyone knows that college is expensive. You have to pay for books, room and board, transportation, food, and of course classes. Then, when you consider that most college students are not working full time and therefore are not raking in the dough, it’s understandable why college students are, stereotypically, always broke. So then, why is the mayor of Providence trying to tax college students in an effort to pay off the city’s $17 million deficit? Read the rest of this entry »


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