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Rutgers Student Posts Suicide Video Note on Facebook

Tyler Clementi Facebook Photo

Tyler Clementi Facebook Photo

Suicide notes are common in society these days, but the adaptation of social media has taken a morbid turn. Eighteen-year-old Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi took to the popular website Facebook to post a goodbye suicide-note-like video message on his personal account page.

Clementi, according to local law enforcement, sadly committed suicide last week after jumping off the George Washington Bridge. It is believed his suicide was a result of Clementi’s roommate streaming a video on the internet of Clementi engaging in a homosexual activity that his roommate secretly taped. The video was posted on September 19, 2010 and Rutger’s students Molly Wei and his roommate, Dharun Ravi, have been each charged with invasion of privacy. Read the rest of this entry »

Rutgers Asks New Jersey to Play Nice

RutgersWhat comes to mind when you think of New Jersey? Maybe merciless mobsters, obnoxious reality show stars and road-raged drivers come to mind.

Rutgers University, located in New Jersey, hopes to change that image. A recent campaign calls for its citizens, more specifically those on campus, to start behaving better.

Starting on Wednesday, students, faculty and staff are expected to attend several lectures, presentations and discussions on civility. And if there is adequate space, residents in the community are encouraged to attend as well.

Yousef Saleh, a senior from Jersey City and SGA president, said he does see acts of civility on campus, but he also said there’s room for improvement. Read the rest of this entry »

Victoria’s Secret PINK Collegiate Line Releases Class of 2010 Shirts

Victorias Secret 2010

Image Via: Victoria Secret's

School spirit used to be defined by pom-poms and glittered posters, but now college girls have an opportunity to rock their school colors while still taking notes in their pajamas thanks to Victoria’s Secret’s Collegiate Line for PINK!

While the collegiate line has been around for a couple years it recently has added special 2010 graduation tees with the slogans “Hire Me Class of 2010” and “All This and Brains Too Class of 2010.”

PINK also has a college campus rep program, wallpaper you can download for your computer background, and an online community of more than one million members that you can join.

Read the rest of this entry »

Traders to Teachers is Training Dislocated Finance Workers as Math Teachers

Since December of 2007, New Jersey’s financial sector has shed more than 16,000 jobs, with thousands of New Yorkers losing similar jobs in the city. In March, New Jersey State Legislature approved a program called Traders to Teachers, designed to turn unemployed finance professionals into math teachers in as little as three months. Montclair State University is offering free classes for candidates who are not required to have been math majors.

photo via

photo via

Traders to Teachers will do more than retrain dislocated workers, it will also help to ease the state’s shortage of math teachers. The first 25 of the newly trained teachers are expected to be placed in teaching positions this coming January, with three more groups expected to be trained within a year, a Montclair State administrator said. To get more information about this you can visit Read the rest of this entry »


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