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San Francisco

Schools Fine Students $500 for Skipping Class

In a San Francisco suburb, too many students are skipping class. The Concord school system is out to trump truancy by fining students up to $500 if they miss a class unexcused.

“There are a lot of students that are not getting to school regularly,” Vice Mayor Ron Leone said. “We need to make sure they get to school.”

The new daytime curfew ordinance was approved on Tuesday, July 12, 2011. Public school students could be given a hefty fine during school hoursĀ if they are in a public place when they are supposed to be in school. Private school students and home school students would be exempt from the law.

Concord police Lt. David Hughes said that burglaries, fights and loitering have been linked to truancy.

“It’s the deterrence factor here where we see the importance,” Hughes said.

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The Free University of San Francisco Offers Free Courses to Students

It’s a common complaint at virtually every college campus across the country: the cost of earning a college degree is too high. Between tuition, fees, books, and living expenses, the cost of attending college is becoming less obtainable for many people. Luckily, a new trend is taking root in San Francisco that could change the way we think about a college education for ever. What is this trend? A tuition free college experience.

The Free University of San Francisco is based in the basement of a store in the Mission District in San Francisco. Underneath the Viracocha store, students meet for five weeks to study a particular subject. The creator of The Free University is Alan Kaufman, a former instructor at the Academy of Art University and poet. Kaufman wants to separate education from commerce.

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San Francisco School Choirs Receive International Acclaim

Do you plop down in front of the television every Sunday night to watch your favorite show, “Glee?” If you do, you are not alone. “Gleeks,” as “Glee” fans like to call themselves, are a growing crowd and the show is quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon.

Evidently, school chorus groups are not only gaining popularity on television. In the San Francisco Bay Area, choirs are flourishing. There are currently around 40 independent choirs in the area. Many are quickly gaining recognition due to the complexity, variety, and creativity of their collaborations.

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The Eco-Friendly Bag for Back to School

rickshaw-eco-friendly-bagAre you in the market for a new school bag? Do you also want to lower your carbon footprint? Then you’ll want to check out Rickshaw Bagworks’ Zero messenger bag. The “Zero” means that there’s zero manufacturing wastes created by making the bag. Plus, the bag is made entirely from recycled fabric in San Franscisco. It comes in three sizes, so you can pick the pack that matches your workload.

The new tweed styles are particularly fashionable for this fall. This classic fabric ensures that your bag will be in style for a long time. If you’re looking for something a little more eye-popping, they also carry a whole rainbow of colors, all with a stain-resistant coating.

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