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Maya Rudolph’s Education Background

Maya Rudolph is an American actress and comedian who first gained acclaim for her work on Saturday Night Live. She has also appeared in movies such as Away We Go, Grown Ups, and Idiocracy. Her next film to hit the big screen will be Bridesmaids, in which she co-stars with her SNL partner, Kristen Wiig. EDUinReview will now take a look at this funny woman’s education background.

Rudolph was born on July 27, 1972, in Gainesville, Florida. Her parents are Richard Rudolph and Minne Riperton, an R&B and soul singer. Her mother died when she was only seven-years old from cancer. She graduated high school from Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California. After high school, Rudolph furthered her education by attending the University of California, Santa Cruz. Rudolph earned her B.A. in photography in 1995.

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Kristen Wiig’s Education Background

Kristen Wiig is an American actress and comedian who first gained acclaim for her skits on Saturday Night Life. She has also appeared in several films such as Adventureland, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and How to Train Your Dragon. Her next movie to hit the big screen will be Bridesmaids, in which she co-stars with Maya Rudolph. EDUinReview will take a look at Kristen’s education background.

Wiig was born on August 22, 1973, in Canandaigua, New York. When she was three years old, her family moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The family moved once again to Rochester, NY, where Wiig graduated from high school in 1991 from Brighton High School. After high school, Wiig attended the University of Arizona, where she studied art. In order to fulfill a gen-ed requirement for her major, Wiig took an acting class. She was so talented in the class that her teacher suggested she continue acting. Wiig eventually dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

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Conan O’Brien Education Background

conanConan O’Brien was born April 18, 1963 in Boston to Thomas and Ruth O’Brien, the third of six children. He is descended from Irish-Catholic, pre-Civil War immigrants. His high school years were spent at Brookline High School, where he excelled at academics, was editor of his school newspaper and graduated valedictorian.

Following graduation, he enrolled at Harvard University, where he majored in journalism. While at Harvard, he wrote for the illustrious Harvard Lampoon, and he graduated magna cum laude. While at Harvard, he met Jeff Zucker, who would later become his boss at NBC. Read the rest of this entry »


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