school budget

school budget

State of the Art High School Will Sit Empty

A brand new beautiful, state of the art, high school cost the state of California $105 million to build for an ever growing student population. Today, that much needed facility sits in Riverside with a fence around the perimeter. The building is empty but the problem is not a lack of students- they are eager to get in. Money, or the lack of it, is at the forefront of an educational debate, again.

A nearby high school houses nearly 3,400 students; 100 percent more people than the building was designed to accommodate. The class sizes are nearing the 40s and all parties involved realize this is not ideal. Teachers, students and district officials were all excited for their new high school but budget cuts will leave it empty for at least one year.

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iPads Used in Classrooms Across U.S.

Students at Roslyn High School on Long Island received iPads this year, not by their parents for Christmas, but by their teachers. As part of a pilot program, the school provides iPads to teach history through “Jeopardy”- like games and complex math problems with step-by-step animation.

Larry Reiff, an English teacher at Roslyn, said, “It allows us to extend the classroom beyond these four walls.”

Roslyn High is not the only school to use tablet computers. Schools across the nation are jumping on this technological bandwagon.

However, using technology to inspire students to learn is not a new idea, and parents and scholars alike question whether or not a tablet computer helps students learn faster.

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