school closings

school closings

Proposed School Closings Incite Protest in Charlotte

CMSchoolPolice officers were needed to clear angry protesters out of a Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board meeting on Tuesday night. The protesters were upset by the recommendation that several local schools in low-income neighborhoods be shut down. The list of Charlotte, N.C., school closings includes Amay James Elementary, Irwin Ave Elementary, Lincoln Heights Elementary, Oakhurst Elementary, John Taylor Williams Middle School, Spaugh Middle School and Wilson Middle School.

The crowd chanted, “no justice, no peace” until members of the school board were forced to leave the meeting, reports WBTV. Outside, Rev. Kojo Nantambu, president of the Charlotte chapter of the NAACP, voiced a scathing criticism of the board’s proposal. “All they care about is the upper middle class and wealthy white folk,” he said. “They’re not interested in trying to satisfy poor parents, black parents and minority parents. They don’t do that kind of crap out in the suburbs. Those people can call and say what they want and they’ll get it. These people in the inner city, we have to raise holy hell and fight and we still don’t get it.”

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Numerous Detroit Public Schools to Close

lockedAs a result of a $219 million dollar budget cut, 25 percent of the 172 Detroit, Michigan public schools will close starting in June of this year.

The loss comes from a plan to “create a leaner, smarter [Detroit Public School District] by taking into account city-wide demographic trends,” according to Robert Bobb, the emergency financial manager for Detroit’s public schools.

From 2000 to the beginning of 2008, the metropolitan Detroit area lost 150,000 jobs due to decline of the auto industry. According to The Detroit News, the number of Michigan residents leaving the state rose 25 percent between 2001 and 2007, while the number of new residents moving in fell by nearly one-third.

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New York City Closes Schools for Flu Prevention

Normally, school is a place where children are able to advance their education and learn to socialize with others. In numerous schools in New York City this is not all students receive. Thursday, May 21, New York City health department ordered thirty schools to close their doors due to the rising number of flu transmissions. school

In addition to the large number of schools closed, a private school in the area decided to shut their doors as well. This school chose to follow safety precautions after several of their students exhibited flu-like symptomsRead the rest of this entry »


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