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school supplies

Backpack Essentials Every College Student Should Have

As millions of students head back to campus they all have at least one thing in common: the bag on their backs. Besides having a pen, pencil, notebook, and books in your backpack, there are a few essential items that should not be overlooked as you pack for the first day of class.

Water Bottle

Drinking water will help to wake you up, especially if you have an early morning class. Water suppresses your appetite, so drinking water during a 45 minute class will help control your hunger before it gets out of hand.


I’ve had countless days where I get a hunger attack in class. I forget about my professor’s lecture because I am focused on my growling stomach. Having a snack in your backpack will help curb your hunger and you won’t have to spend money on the expensive (and unhealthy) snacks at the student center. Make sure the snack is healthy like an apple or trail mix. And, don’t leave the snack in your backpack if it can melt.

Student ID

Student IDs are convenient because they can act as debit cards while on campus. You can deposit money into your account and use your student ID to pay for printed paper from the library, food at the student union, or even flash it for a discount around town. Read the rest of this entry »

Unisak Offers Students an Apartment in a Bag

UnisakOne of the first things college students learn when they are leaving home to go to school is that they need their own stuff. Mom typically isn’t going to part with her favorite dishes to stock your dorm room. Going and buying all of the things you’ll need for life away from home can be time consuming and super expensive. Several department stores are starting to offer great packages that offer several of the things college students need in a bag for one low price.

One of the helpful things that students can grab on their way to college is a Unisak. Right now, the Unisak is only available within the United Kingdom. You can order a Unisak online and get free delivery. The Unisak is designed especially for students and includes 65 items for four different rooms. There is also currently an offer that will pay you to refer friends that might purchase a Unisak. If you refer enough people, you could end up getting your Unisak for free.

The Unisak features everything you need for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and your study area. All of the items included are things that students will find helpful and very much needed when striking out on their own. Buying all of the items included in the Unisak separately would cost you hundreds of dollars. Buying things separately may also cause the hassle of trying to figure out how to pack everything up. With the Unisak, everything comes in one large tote that is neatly packed and ready to go with you to college. For those going to school outside the UK, unfortunately the Unisak is not yet available, but if you are going overseas for college, or even thinking of doing a semester abroad, this would be a great item to order to keep from having to take things with you.

How to Save Money on School Supplies

Most people underestimate how much they will spend on back-to-school supplies.

Most people underestimate how much they will spend on back-to-school supplies.

School supplies may be costing families more than they think. In a voluntary user poll conducted by USAA, people underestimated how much the average American family spends on back-to-school shopping for children in kindergarten through 12th grade by over $100.00. In fact, families will spend an average of $606.00 this year on back-to-school supplies, shoes, clothing and electronics.

But you don’t need to shell out that much this fall. Here are some ideas to help your family save money on back-to-school products. Not only are these tips good for your bank account, many of them are good for the environment too.

1. Pull out last year’s supplies.

Dig out all those school supplies from last year that are still usable. Test pens and markers to make sure they haven’t dried out. Don’t scorn hand-me-downs and put your clothing budget on a diet.

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Adobe Education Store Offers Great Discounts to Students

The Adobe Education Store is offering discounts up to 80% off!

The Adobe Education Store is offering discounts up to 80% off!

As all college students know, a pencil and notebook are not the only school supplies you will need this semester. In fact, the majority of your school supplies will be textbooks and technology products. While textbooks are definitely expensive, thankfully, there are several ways to get around that obstacle. But what about technological software? You used to have to just grit your teeth and bare it, but now Adobe is making buying computer software a cheaper process.

The Adobe Education Store is currently offering students and teachers up to 80 percent off their purchases, slashing expensive software products to fractions of their original prices. For example, the Creative Suite 5 Design Premium Student and Teacher Edition now costs only $449.00, and the basic Photoshop CS5 is a measly $199.00. Rest assured, these are the full versions of the software programs. Also, for a limited time, you do not have to pay any shipping costs when you validate your status as a student or teacher. Read the rest of this entry »

Cleaning Supplies and School Supplies: Both Required

clorox-disinfecting-wipes-suppliesAs school budgets shrink, parents are being asked to pick up the slack by stocking the janitorial closets. In addition to the usual supplies, first graders in Moody, Alabama, were asked to pack Clorox wipes, garbage bags, tissues and paper towels for the first day of class. At Pauoa Elementary in Honolulu, each student must bring a four-pack of toilet paper. McClendon Elementary in Nevada, Texas, asked pre-kindergartners to bring in a package of cotton balls, two containers of facial tissues, paper sandwich bags and manila construction paper.

“Some of the things that have been historically provided by schools, we’re not able to provide at this point,” said Barbara A. Chester, president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals. Read the rest of this entry »

New Sharpie Pencils Top List of Must-Have School Supplies

sharpie pencilThe starting school year is upon us, and with it comes the ever constant quest for the best school supplies before heading back to the classroom. For those in elementary, middle and high school, a universal list is provided. But what about school supply recommendations for college or technical school students to follow?

For those sitting in lecture halls, trying to absorb all the material that is shared by the professor, there are definitely some tools that can make the school year easier. Laptops and computers are expensive, but quickly becoming essential. The laptop can be used for completing writing assignments, doing research, as well as taking notes in class and corresponding with professors and fellow students. A regular desktop computer kept in your dorm room can be used to complete assignments if you don’t have a laptop, but for those that don’t have access to a personal computer, most schools are stocked with several computer labs that are open to students, many of them on a 24 hour basis.

Of course, a computer isn’t going to be the only thing you need for class, but it’s a great start. Read the rest of this entry »

Treasures 4 Teachers Fills a Need for Arizona Schools

Teachers 4 Treasures

Teachers 4 Treasures

Every year teachers reach into their own pockets to pay for school supplies, arts, crafts and other items that they need to teach their students classroom lessons. Kids can’t learn without the necessary school supplies, like pencils, paper, pens and notebooks. But with recent school layoffs and salary cutbacks, it is getting harder and harder for cash-strapped teachers to dip into their own cash reserves for school supplies.

And in Arizona, the picture is not pretty.

More than half of all K-8 students cannot afford lunch, much less basic educational tools and supplies. On average, the state’s schools budget less than five cents per student daily for supplies.

But Treasures 4 Teachers, a grassroots non-profit organization is determined to change these sobering statistics. Here’s how.

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Discount School Supply Makes Education Affordable

School supplies can be expensive. Imagine buying enough tricycles for an entire class of kindergartners. That would definitely dent a school’s bank

A new service, Discount School Supply, provides items that are commonly used in classrooms at a much lower price than what retailers usually charge. These school supplies include items used for arts and crafts, infants and toddlers, dramatic play, and active play. Discount School Supply has partnered with companies such as Crayola, Elmers, and Angeles to provide these products. Users who buy products from Discount School Supply also receive free shipping on orders of more than $79. You can check coupons and promo codes with CouponsCollector for discounts on bundles.  Discount School Supply also offers resources for programs such as Head Start, YMCA, and Homeschooling programs.

If you are not shopping, Discount School Supply also offers various types of educational resources. Some of these include environmentally friendly activities and learning experiences, lists for useful classroom items, and communities where parents and teachers can interact to help students succeed.

discount-school-supplyGet started with Discount School Supply today.

Attic Journals Offers Creative Notebooks and Journals

attic journalsThe start of a new semester means brand new school supplies. And the best part of school supplies for me is the new notebooks. They are full of blank pages that I can fill up with doodles when I’m bored in class, or I mean blank pages to take notes on during class.

Either way, I like notebooks. I also use them to write down my thoughts before I go to bed at night. I usually look for interesting or unique notebooks. Sometimes I take a regular spiral-bound notebook and design my own cover.
I’m actually in need of a new journal for 2010. I went to a local bookstore where I usually get my journals, but I couldn’t find one I liked. I had decided to make my own, but then I found Attic Journals.

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Six Backpack Essentials

backpackI consider it my college survival kit. It’s the one thing I have with me every day when I venture forth on to the college campus. I’ve only left it at home a few times in the three years I’ve been in college and something bad has happened to me every time I have done so.

What could I be talking about? My backpack.

Backpacks are wonderful inventions. They allow you to carry everything you need in a stylish, hands-free bag. Mine is hot pink and purple, but you could just use a discreet black one if you do not want to draw so much attention to yourself.

The color and design are not what really matter though. What matters is what you have inside your college backpack. When I wake up in the mornings, my brain usually has some cobwebs cluttering it up. But I just grab my backpack and head out the door because I know it has everything in it that I will need to be (at least) moderately successful and happy that day.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present my six backpack essentials.

1.    A pencil or a pen. Let’s face it: You should take at least some notes in class. Or if you are not going to take notes, you need something to doodle with while the professor drones on and on about ionic bonds or that interesting time period in the past century. I recommend taking notes, but I’ve seen some pretty cool dinosaur sketches in lecture classes that would never have been possible without a writing utensil.
2.    A notebook. This kind of ties in with the pen or pencil necessity. I try to keep my notes for every class in their own separate binder, but when I forget the binder, it’s nice to have something to write on besides my hand, forearm or jeans.
3.    A few spare dollars. Sometimes I really need a soda or candy from the vending machines on campus. And unfortunately, they don’t take credit cards. It’s always a good idea to keep about five dollars in cash on you. Don’t keep much more than that though because if you lose your backpack, you don’t want to lose your life savings as well.
4.    Hand sanitizer. Fall is flu season, so try to stay healthy by washing your hands whenever possible. When it’s not possible, just blob some hand sanitizer on your hands and feel safe to enjoy those M&Ms you bought with the five dollars you have stashed in your backpack. (Aren’t you glad you read this article now?)
5.    A music player and headphones. I go to a large university and it takes me about 15 minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. I don’t really mind the hike though because I can always whip out my iPod and jam out to the Black Eyed Peas or Lil Wayne while I’m walking. Just try not to sing along too loudly; trust me, people will stare.
6.    Cell phone. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but in today’s world where people like to be in constant communication with other people, it’s important to keep your cell phone handy.

Of course you can put other things in your backpack. What do you keep in your backpack?

Let me know in the box below.


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