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Consumer Reports Rates the Best Backpacks

north face jester backpackFor the college student, finding the right backpack involves a lot more than just figuring which pack is large enough for their organic chemistry book, but also compact enough to not render them with a hunchback come spring. So, rather than risking money and the health of your lower back, Consumer Reports did all of the work for you by testing hundreds of different backpacks and rating them according to five specific criterion: Durability, construction quality, safety and convenience, comfort and resistance to rain.

Here is what the experts at Consumer Reports’ National Testing and Research Center came up for their top backpack picks:

Best Overall: The North Face, Jester. With an overall score of 80 out of 100, the Jester came in as one of the best packs for its all-around durability for those students 5’9″ and taller. The Jester costs approximately $55 and can be found online or at retail stores specializing in outdoor equipment. Read the rest of this entry »


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