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SortFix Makes Internet Searches Easier and More Personalized

Searching for information on the Internet can be easy, especially if you are searching for something that is currently popular or in the news. For example, if you Google “Justin Bieber,” you are going to get pages and pages of useful information. However, if you search for something more obscure on many of the most popular search engine websites, you might not find anything relevant to your actual question. This becomes very frustrating.sortfix

A new search engine, SortFix, is here to help. SortFix was created in 2007 to do “all the hard work [of searching for information] and leaves you only the easy part.” Wow, what a concept: a search engine that actually finds the information you are searching for.

SortFix works by imitating a professional searcher. First, SortFix examines the results and compares them to the search query. This allows SortFix to determine the specific keywords that will help the user find the information he/she wants. Then, the user can modify his/her keywords to create a precise search question because “when you ask a precise question you usually get the right answer.” Read the rest of this entry »

Students Go Beyond Google, Into the Deep Web

the invisible webWhen you use Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and other major search engines you get millions of results that all have one thing in common: the websites have all allowed themselves to be listed there. A web developer can choose to put a bit of code in their web pages that instructs Google, et. al. to not search the site. The major search engines respect this request and ignore these pages. However, there are a few search engines that focus on ignoring these instructions, choosing to index the site anyway. They also focus on sites that the major search engines aren’t able to reach because the information resides in databases. These search engines capture what is known as the Deep Web (or Invisible Web, Hidden Web, etc.) and there can be a wealth of information on these websites that can be beneficial to you, as a student. Three resources are listed below, but it’s not hard to find that there are hundreds of deep web search engines available, many subject-specific. For a more in depth look at the Deep Web, read The Invisible Web: Uncovering Information Sources Search Engines Can’t See by Gary Price and Chris Sherman. Read the rest of this entry »


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