Students in Seattle Will Have More Art in Their Futures

Kate Baker is a celebrity of sorts. Every day when she walks into her place of employment, she is greeted by delighted screams from her fans: a group of elementary school students at Beacon Hill’s Maple Elementary in Seattle, Washington. Why is Baker so popular with her students? It’s very simple: she’s the art teacher.

“They’re always so excited,” Baker said about her students. “They want to know if they have art that day. Because they get joy from it.”

So it seems somewhat wrong and confusing that one of the most popular teachers at Maple Elementary is fearful for her job due to budget cuts in the district. Also, many schools are feeling the pressure to place more emphasis on math and reading skills, which means that any extra funds go to these programs instead of to the art programs.

“If your school has money or if you have a principal who’s a real proponent of the arts, then you get it,” said Baker about which schools have arts departments. “And if you’re not in one of those two groups, then you don’t.”

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Health Education Exhibit to Open at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle

For nearly 50 years, Seattle’s Pacific Science Center has been making science fun for families. To celebrate their half-century birthday in 2012, the Science Center will be unveiling a new exhibit. Although the Science Center houses numerous exhibits each year, this will be its first permanent exhibit in over a decade.

Professor Wellbody’s Academy of Health & Wellness is scheduled to open sometime in the fall of next year. The Science Center describes Professor Wellbody’s Academy as a place that will, “Bring guests of all ages into the imaginative world of Professor Wellbody, demonstrating how personal choices can positively affect our health and well-being. Six- thousand square feet of hands-on inventions, gadgets, activities and experiences will present health as a life-long process of balancing exercise, diet, proper rest and hygiene. These tools and resources for managing health and well-being will help guests discover the control each of us has over many aspects of our wellness.”

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Minneapolis, Seattle are the Nation’s Most Literate Metro Areas

Living in frigid Minneapolis is smarter than you might think.

Living in frigid Minneapolis is smarter than you might think.

On days where the high is two degrees below zero, I wonder why in the world I live in Minneapolis.  Then I remember that this is a great city with lots of great cultural resources and fun activities.

On top of this, I found out today that according to a recent report, the Minneapolis metro area is tied with Seattle for the distinction of most literate metropolitan area in the United States.

Minneapolis’ sister city, St. Paul, is ranked fourth on the list.  Since the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is really just one big metro area, that means that combined, our area is no doubt on top.  That’s something to think about the next time I’m huddling in front of the fireplace with a good book. Read the rest of this entry »


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