UC Berkeley Administrator Gets Slap on the Wrist for Inappropriate Relations

They say that it pays to know people in the right places, but I didn’t think they meant it quite as literally as a recent scandal at Berkeley is proving. A senior administrator, Diane Leite, was recently demoted after a disciplinary investigation showed that she was giving her lover unfair and undeserved rewards.

A supervising manager at the school reported Leite and her lover, Jonathan Caniezo, a purchasing manager at Berkeley, after the manager noticed that Caniezo’s salary continued to increase for no apparent reason. In fact, between 2007 and 2010, Leite authorized five salary increases for Caniezo that increased his pay from $70,000 to $110,000. After the school heard about this and began an investigation, it was determined that Leite would be demoted to “Director of Research Development” and have her own annual salary reduced by $13,531. However, she will still be making $175,000 each year.

Despite the moral problems that someone might have with this situation, there is also the issue of financial problems that Berkeley University has been dealing with recently. For the past few years, Berkeley has been dealing with budget cuts and has had to increase tuition. Berkeley is already one of the most expensive public schools in the nation, but just last year, they approved a tuition increase that raised the amount of money that students pay each semester by almost $2,000 each year.

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New York City Students Must Now Take Sex Ed Classes

When I was in middle school and high school, I dreaded the one week each year that was devoted to sex education. We were taught a very strict abstinence-only form of sex ed, but I do remember one year when a teacher actually told us about condoms and other forms of protection. I always thought this form of sex ed was pretty common. However, if I were currently a student in New York City’s public schools, I could be expecting a very different curriculum, which will be starting this year.

The newly instated sex ed curriculum in these public schools will be much more advanced than what has been taught for the past 20 years. This curriculum will include traditional sex ed lessons, while also teaching students how to use a condom and discussing the appropriate age for sexual activity to begin.

The new curriculum is being instated in order to help black and Latino teens improve their lives. According to the Bloomberg administration, these teens are much more likely to have unplanned pregnancies or contract a STD.

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Texas Teacher Faces Jail Time for Sleeping with 5 Students

Brittni Nicole Colleps was a teacher at Kennedale High School in Texas. Colleps is a mother of three and her husband is in the military. She seemed like your normal high school English teacher until reports that she had sex with five of her students.

It all began on April 20 when Colleps and her 18-year old student began sending explicit text messages. Six days later, the student came over to Colleps’ home and the two had sex. This set of a series of events that led to Colleps becoming sexually involved with four other students and even videotaping one of the encounters. All of the students were over 18-years of age, but it is still a second-degree felony offense for a teacher to have any type of sexual relationship with his/her students. Colleps was arrested on May 16, 2011; she was released later after posting the $125,000 bail.

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86 Teen Pregnancies in Memphis High School

Teen pregnancy has been an American hot topic for decades and more recently has become prime time programming on our T.V. screens. Popular shows such as MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” spark questions about the implications of glamorizing teen pregnancies. While rates for teen pregnancy in the United States have been on a steady decrease since the 1980’s, a concentration of teen mothers in Memphis, Tennessee proves the battle isn’t over.

A disturbing trend at Frayser High School in Memphis is motivating an emergency campaign. Of the 978 students attending Frayser, 86 girls are currently pregnant or had a baby within the last year. The staggering statistic leaves 18 percent of the student body pregnant, or a new mother. Girls Inc., a nonprofit organization, is stepping in to launch the fight against skyrocketing pregnancy rates at Frayser High.

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You no longer have to leave your dorm to find casual sex. Say “goodbye” to frat parties and “2-4-1” specials because it is only a click away., previously UChicago Hookups, is a site that helps find college students random sexual encounters, offering a no-strings-attached arrangement. Students can sort through possible partners with “platonic”, “casual” and “serious” categories.

A student at the University of Chicago created the site for just his fellow peers, but early this week, it expanded to other students at Columbia College and Northwestern University. Next week, Brown University students will also be able to use the site. To register, these students need only a university email address.

With already 800 users, the creator said that roughly 2,000 private messages have been sent.

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Bisexual NYC Teens Engaging in Risky Sexual Behavior

couple with flowersA Youth Risk Behavior Survey done in high schools in 2005 and 2007 within the New York City area shows that sexually active teens are engaging in risky sexual behavior. Students that report having sexual partners of both sexes have higher rates of violence, forced sexual behavior and risky sexual behavior.

Over 17,000 public health surveys were analyzed and the findings showed that over a third of the teens that were surveyed identified themselves as straight although they had experienced same sex sexual encounters. This study has shown that having sexual partners of both sexes increases risk of associated dangers. Of the girls with both male and female partners, 35.8 percent stated they had experienced dating violence during the previous year. Of the males with both male and female sexual partners, 34.8 percent stated they experienced dating violence during the previous year. Read the rest of this entry »

Duke’s Reputation Tarnished From Sexual Joke Thesis Project

Duke University

Duke University

Twenty-two-year-old Duke University spring 2010 graduate Karen Owen has tarnished the reputation of the prestigious  school, according to critics, by writing a fake thesis presentation about her sexual encounters with 13 of the school’s athletic students.

“It makes me ashamed that the Duke name is attached to what she’s done. And it’s the age-old double standard: people are more critical of what she did because she’s a girl,” Duke senior Nicole Queathem told the NY Times.

The 42-page PowerPoint slideshow presentation reportedly started out as a joke, and was only sent to friends of Owen. But, of course, as things do in this day and age, the thesis went viral and exploded across the Internet, becoming a public relations nightmare for the university, upsetting parents, faculty and students across the campus. Critics say the presentation was an invasion of privacy for the players who were unwittingly involved in the joke, and an embarrassment to the school’s classy and honorable reputation. Read the rest of this entry »

Trojan Condoms Grades Universities With Sexual Health Report Card

condomsTypically, students go to college and are graded on what they learn. Now, the shoe is on the other foot because Trojan Condoms is grading schools on how well they teach students…about sexual education.

Trojan Condoms recently released its Sexual Health Report Card. This report grades schools on 12 areas of sexual health, including the availability of condoms on campus, STI testing locations, and if the school offers any lecture programs about safe sex.

“Students are really rallying to get their hands on accurate and intelligent material with respect to sexuality,” said Logan Levkoff, a PhD certified sexologist. “They’re fighting for classes, they’re fighting for access to services.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Dangerous Form of Birth Control on the Market Today

ortho_evra_2Almost 50 percent of teens are sexually active, and more than 80 percent of these teens are using some sort of birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies or protect against STDs. Unfortunately, a new report shows that one form of birth control that is meant to make having sex safer for users is actually causing injury and death.

Johnson & Johnson released Ortho Evra, commonly known as the birth control patch, in 2002, and it has been wildly successful ever since. Time magazine named it one the best inventions of the year, and since then, doctors have written almost 40 million prescriptions for this method of birth control.

However, a new report shows that there are some serious downsides to this product. Patient reports have revealed that users are 12 times more likely to suffer a stroke while taking this product and 18 times more likely to develop a blood clot, compared to tradition birth control pills.

The birth control patch delivers a continuous and high level of estrogen to the user for a week straight. Some experts suspect this elevated level of the hormone is what is causing the problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Current Trends Concerning Teens and Sexual Activity

sexMany young adults become sexually active during their teenage years. Sex is a natural human urge, so it is not surprising that many teens want to explore this unknown territory.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 46 percent of teens have had sex at least once between the ages of 15 and 19. Not surprisingly, the percentage of sexually active teens increases with age: only 13 percent of 15-year-olds have had sex, but 70 percent of 19-year-olds have had sex.

Sexual education varies across the country. Some schools promote abstinence-only sexual education.  Others also promote contraceptive use to protect against sexually transmitted disease and pregnancies.

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