Are Students Able to Count the Numbers in the Super Bowl?

superbowl xlviHave you ever heard the expression “It’s all Greek to me?” If not, it means that you do not understand something, and this saying might soon become much more common (and literal) among younger generations because many schools are no longer teaching Roman numerals.

Okay, so students aren’t learning Roman numerals. No big deal, right? Most of the time, I’d have to agree with you. However, without learning how to count in Roman numerals, students will be confused when they study European history and are confronted with the monarchs of the XIII century. Or, even worse, when they sit down with their families to watch Super Bowl XLVI, which means Super Bowl 46, in case you didn’t know. So maybe Roman numerals do still have a place in our society.

“I went to Catholic school [and] I still have bruised knuckles from not learning them,” says NFL historian and Spokesman Joe Horrigan about the Roman numerals. He now feels that the Roman numerals add a certain flair to important events, like the Super Bowl. “‘Number 46’ it just kind of sounds like an inventory. ‘Inspected by Joe.’ Those Roman numerals, they’re almost like trophies.”

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