Parents Outraged Over “Slave” Math Problems

notebook and calaculatorParents of students at a school in Norcross, Ga. are fuming at the Gwinnett County School District’s response to reports of a racially controversial math worksheet.

Third-graders at Beaver Ridge Elementary School received a math worksheet that used the following word problems, which referred to slavery:

-“Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?”

-“If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?”

District spokesperson Sloan Roach said that teachers were trying to integrate social studies lessons into the math worksheet for a “cross-curricular activity.” However, Roach said that she admits slavery was not a good topic to choose.

“This is simply a case of creating a bad question,” she said.

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