sleep patterns

sleep patterns

Should High School Classes Start Later in the Day?

Sleeping in is just for weekends, or so we thought. The editors of MacLeans, a Canadian public affairs magazine, think that high school students should be able to sleep in and have classes start at 10 a.m. The editorial reviewed students at Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute in Toronto. They are already in their second year in late-start classes.

It’s no surprise that teenagers like to sleep in, but studies show that there’s a biological reason for them not being early birds.

“It is starting to look as though a forward shift in sleep patterns is a natural accompaniment to sexual maturation—not just in humans, but in mammals generally; rats and monkeys, it seems, engage in their own version of what parents witness in their recalcitrant 16-year-olds,” the editors at MacLeans stated in a recent article.

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