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Korean Students Rewarded For Good Grades With Plastic Surgery

Edu in Review has reported previously about students being rewarded or bribed with money for exceptional grades, and even social media programs that offer similar themed programs, but now half a world away comes a different reward: plastic surgery.

Teenagers have long coveted plastic surgery across the world. Unhappy with their physical appearance and perhaps the pressures and self esteem troubles often associated with the years of a developing adolescence, teenage surgeries account for a substantial number of procedures in today’s culture.

As a result of this, many South Korean parents have chosen to reward good grades, above average standardized test scoring, college admission acceptance or even college or high school completion, with their student’s desired plastic surgery procedure.

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Teens are Texting All Night Long

texting in classThe very technology that was developed to bring us closer together is posing some serious side effects. For years now, inquiring minds throughout the world have asked whether social media is creating socially-stunted youth. Has the internet and text messaging bred a generation of people who would prefer to avoid one-on-one social situations and conversations? Has the age of convenience caused our obesity rates to skyrocket? Are young adults losing their sense of self, panicking when they don’t have constant contact with their friends? Now we’re forced to ask another question: Is technology snatching precious hours of sleep from our kids?

Why, yes it is, says researchers from the JFK Medical Center. It turns out that teens, on average, are texting 34 times each night. This texting-activity takes place in the middle of the night, after the teens have gone to sleep. Teenagers, sleeping with their cell phones under their pillow or on their nightstands, are neglecting to consider that this late-night texting is interrupting their sleep cycles. I wonder how many of them know that insufficient amounts and poor quality of sleep can cause: Read the rest of this entry »

High School Teacher Fired For Inappropriate Facebook Comments

Teenage girls who put suggestive photos on Facebook, some might say, are just asking for inappropriate comments from people they are “friends” with, but imagine the shock some Bronx, New York high school students had when they saw comments like “this is sexy” from their teacher!

Recently fired Fordham High School art teacher Chadwin Reynolds, according to the NY Post, was terminated because he “friended” students and wrote inappropriate comments on six of his students’ Facebook pages.

If that wasn’t enough, 37-year-old Reynolds even tried to court one of his students by sending her flowers, a stuffed animal and candy, and asking her for her phone number. Read the rest of this entry »

More Students are Attending Classes Online

computerWhat does the typical high school classroom look like to you? It maybe has some desks, some students, and a teacher, right? At least, that’s  how the typical classroom looked a few decades ago.

According to the Sloan Consortium, more than one million students attended classes via the Internet in 2008. Of those million, around 200,000 were enrolled in full-time virtual schools, meaning they attend all of their classes online.

“If students have their own computer, it can travel with them from home to school,” Karen Cator, director of the office of education technology at the U.S. Department of Education. “There can be software programs that help the student, or there can be an online teacher, but the technology can also augment a teacher in a face-to-face classroom.” Read the rest of this entry »

College Bans Facebook and Twitter

harrisburg-universityThe Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania has banned the use of all social media for a week. The ban proscribes the use of any online communication except for email, including Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging. Students will be allowed to continue to use text messages, and presumably BlackBerry Messenger.

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Sigma Nu Starts Anti-Hazing Twitter Campaign

Sigma Nu HazingAs a part of this year’s National Hazing Prevention Week taking place on September 20-24, 2010, Sigma Nu, the Interfraternity Council Member Fraternity, is spearheading a social media campaign. Over the course of 40 days, Sigma Nu will release via their Twitter channel a comprehensive list of arguments against the 40 most common heard excuses for sorority and fraternity hazing.

The project began on August 11, 2010 and since then a team of contributors have blogged, tweeted and Facebook posted a different excuse daily using the Twitter official hash tag #40Answers.

This is the first social media campaign to combat hazing in Greek Life and is slated to become a popular resource for Greeks against hazing to ensure a quality fraternity and sorority experience for organization members

Numerous organizations within Panhellenic, National-Panhellenic, Interfraternity and Diversified Greek Councils have committed to endorsing and supporting the campaign.

Here is the list of scheduled tweets:

•    August 11, 2010 Pledges must pay their dues to become a member.
•    August 12, 2010 Hazing teaches pledges to respect their elders.
•    August 13, 2010 Pledges must learn to appreciate the fraternity.
•    August 14, 2010 I don’t think _________ is hazing. Read the rest of this entry »

ChatRoulette Shocks Viewers with The Last Exorcism [VIDEO]

There’s a new website that many college students visit to meet other people, procrastinate, and maybe have a little fun. Unfortunately for some, they got a lot more than they bargained for when they visited ChatRoulette.last exorcism

ChatRoulette is a website that allows you to video chat with other users from around the world. Sometimes you meet very interesting people, and sometimes you just see a lot of… Well, if you have been to Chat Roulette, then you know what I am talking about.

But who would have thought you could use this website as a marketing ploy? Evidently the creators of “The Last Exorcism” did. I am terrified to see this movie; every time a commercial for it comes on the television, I change the channel. However, some ChatRoulette participants were not able to “change the channel” until it was too late and, I have to say, the reactions contained in this video are pretty hilarious.

VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Read the rest of this entry »

Skype Makes it Easy for College Students to Keep in Touch

Starting college is such an exciting time! Chances are, you are moving out of Skypeyour parents’ house, and possibly even moving to a different city. This opens a world of new experiences and freedoms. Woot woot!

But what if you start to miss seeing your friends from back home, or even your parents? (Don’t scoff, it could happen.) You could jump in your car or book an airplane ticket back home for the weekend, but that could become quite expensive, especially if you catch the homesickness bug. So, how can you see your parents/friends/family pets without wracking up a huge credit card bill? One word: Skype. Read the rest of this entry »

iPhone Users More Promiscuous than Other Smart Phone Users

iphone sexyI have always thought of the iPhone as being cooler, more advanced, and just a better phone than the brick my mom carries around and calls a cell phone. However, I did not have any idea that the iPhone was actually sexier…or at least its users are.

A new study by OkCupid revealed that iPhone users have more sexual partners than other smart phone users. Blackberry and Andriod users came in second and third, respectfully, in the study.

Okay, so how exactly did they determine these findings?

“We crossed all kinds of user behaviors with the camera models and found we had data on the number of sexual partners for 9,785 people with smart phones,” according to the OkCupid blog. “We dropped what we found into Excel, and voila.” Read the rest of this entry »

GradeFund Turns Good Grades into a Paycheck

Some people say that earning an education is a student’s main job. I have always had a problem with this saying because of one simple fact: earning good grades does not pay your electric bill, put food on your table, or help offset your student loans…unless, of course, you have a GradeFund account.gradefund

GradeFund is a revolutionary new social media site that allows family, friends, corporations, philanthropists, or anyone else who wants to sponsor a student to reward hard-working students with financial contributions.

How does it work? Basically, you create an account and invite sponsors to support you. At the end of each semester, you send your transcript to GradeFund, and then if you meet the qualifications set by your sponsors, you receive either a check in the mail or a credit to your school towards your tuition. Sounds pretty easy, right? Read the rest of this entry »


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