social skills

social skills

Small Talk Makes the Transition to College Easier

If there is one thing that I wish my high school had required as a general education class during my senior year, it would have been Small Talk 101. I know this seems kind of silly, and I really thought I had this area of social interaction covered when I walked across that graduation stage, but I quickly realized that I was not the expert that I thought I was when I came to college.

During their first year of college, many freshman have to use small talk to get to know people on campus. It does not matter whether you are rushing for a sorority or fraternity, forming a study group for your Political Science class, or getting to know the people who live on your dorm floor, being able to engage in small talk is important. Small talk is the easiest and most natural way to start getting to know someone, and without it, you run the risk of having a very hard time making friends and acquaintances in college.

However, you do not have anything to fear if you are not blessed with the gift of gab. EDUinReview wants your freshman year to get off on the right foot, so we are here to offer a few tips for being the Small Talk King or Queen of your class!

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