The Top 20 Songs of 2010

“Music makes the people come together, yeah…”

Okay, so maybe that song is a little old now, but it still tells a valuable truth: music is incredibly important to people’s lives. Certain songs can take you back to a fun summer memory, while others can remind you of sadder times or friends whom you’ve lost contact with over the years. EDUinReview would now like to bring a few of those memories back to you via a recap of the Top 20 Songs of 2010.

In 2010, there were several new artists who hit the scene – Ke$ha, B.O.B., and Bruno Mars to name a few. Also, several old-school bands made a come-back this year- Enrique, Usher, and Train.

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Summer Songs: from California Girls to California Gurls

summer-songs-beach-boys-to-katy-perryCheck out this awesome time line of summer songs created by UPenn‘s Jessica Goldstein for From The Beach Boys to Katy Perry, Ms. Goldstein has collected the best and worst, but definitely most addictive, summertime tunes.

She writes: “This list isn’t just for songs about summer, but rather the tracks released in that May to August stretch, the ones scientifically engineered to stick in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. Is your favorite summer song—or, alternatively, a song that makes a tiny part of you die inside every time you hear it—missing from this scale of awesome-to-awful?”

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Best Summer Songs

swimming poolIt’s summer time!

It’s my favorite time of the year for many, many reasons, including the lack of school, sleeping in until whenever, working a job to finally have some money, and pool parties with all of my friends.

My first pool party was when I was in fifth grade. My dog had just had puppies, so after we all swam for hours, we played with the puppies and ate hamburgers. And of course we listened to music. Granted, it was not the best music ever, but I was a huge fan of Baha Men, Vitamic C, Destiny’s Child, and ‘NSync.

Now that I’m older, my taste in music has developed, or at least I like to think it has, but my love for pool parties has not changed at all. If you plan on having a pool party of your own, here are some of the most popular tunes, according to iTunes, to crank on your iPod this summer.

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