Spending habits

Spending habits

Easy Ways To Fatten Your Wallet

Everyone wants more money, so give yourself some. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to saving money. Two dollars here, three dollars there; it all adds up at the end of the year and you would be surprised to see how much money you waste. Most of us are guilty of the bad everyday spending habits that clear out our wallets. Here are some tips to get you back on track to seeing your savings account surge:

Make coffee at home:
In the morning rush the extra five minutes it takes to brew a pot of drip coffee at home seems like an eternity, but the savings make it worth it. Skipping the double tall-vanilla-soy latte at the coffee stand will save you around three dollars a day. That’s a total savings of $1,095 per year!

Bottle your own water:
Walking all over campus makes you thirsty, and it’s easy to pop into a convenience store to grab a bottle of water, but at two dollars a day, it’s an expensive habit. Fill a reusable water bottle to take with you five days a week and you’ll pocket $520 per year!

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All Students Need a Savings Account

saving-moneyYay! It’s pay day! You’ve been working all week for this paycheck, and now it’s time to go live it up (a.k.a. spend every penny you’ve earned). Or, instead of blowing your check in one weekend, you could save some of it for a rainy day.

Wait, what? Why would you want to save any of your hard earned money? You’ve worked hard and deserve to go out and have fun on a Friday night, but part of being a responsible, working adult is having an emergency savings fund tucked away. Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to have an emergency fund:

You might need extra cash. There’s no telling what curve balls life will throw at you. It could be something unexpected, like needing to buy new tires for your car, or it might be something cool, like getting the opportunity to take a mini-vacation with your friends one weekend. Either way, it’d be nice if you had some funds stashed away to cover the expense.

You earn money from it. Most savings accounts earn a small amount of interest. However, no matter how little interest your savings account is earning, it’s still more money that you had before. When you have a savings account, the bank literally pays you. Why would you pass up free money?

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Save Money in College by Buying Used Products

Used-College-TextbooksWith the economy in the current state, and tuition on the rise, many students are finding that they need to cut back on their spending. Here is a list of items available in most cities. With a little research, you can purchase these secondhand and save a lot of money!

  • Used DVDs and CDs, if well cared for, work just as well as the new ones and if the disc is scratched there are effective methods to remove them and make the DVD or CD perfectly playable again.
  • Books and textbooks bought from online sellers like Amazon.com and Half.com are significantly discounted. While the condition of the books may vary, they normally are still readable. And obviously, your local library always has free reading material available.
  • Students get bored of or “beat” video games rather quickly, so many video game stores will feature a used game section, or you can always rent or borrow the game from a friend. Read the rest of this entry »


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