st. mary's college of maryland

st. mary’s college of maryland

Students Move from Dorms to Cruise Ships Due to Mold Infestations

Cruise ShipSt. Mary’s College of Maryland is situated on a beach, and it is not uncommon to find students spending their free time in boats with their friends. The college even offers classes that are taught by world-class sailing instructors for their students who want to become better sailors. Now, the school is taking things a step farther and allowing some students to live on cruise ships instead of in the dorms.

Wait a second. What? Why would the school be putting students up in a cruise ship instead of in the dorms? Well, a mold infestation recently forced the schools to evacuate two dorms in October. At first, the students were relocated to living in an off-campus hotel. Now, they have been relocated to a luxurious cruise ship that is currently docked at the school’s campus.

“I went to La Quinta Hotel and then a week later we found out we were going on a boat,” said Nicholas Samuels, a sophomore at the school.

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A Private-Like Education at a Public Education Tuition Rate

St. Mary's College of Maryland

St. Mary's College of Maryland

With most private colleges costing around $40,000 a year, students are opting for a cheaper education at schools that offer an amazing education, but at public school prices. And St. Mary’s College of Maryland is one hot-spot school that is attracting students who are hungry for a solid college education, but don’t have the appetite for private school tuition rates.

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