How to Become a College Budget Traveler

student reading a large mapIf you are like me, one of the worst parts of being a college student is not having enough disposable income to do all of the things that you want to do. For me, the one thing I want to do above all others is travel. However, traveling can be very expensive… unless you know how to do it.

I am currently living in Spain for a year, and while I am here, I plan on visiting many cities while also staying on a limited budget. There are various tricks to the trade that you can use while traveling to help yourself stay within your budget. This post will tell you some of these tricks, while the following posts will focus on specific cities and tips for visiting these cities in particular.

1. Ditch the four-star hotels. When you are traveling, you really aren’t spending too much time in your hotel. So why should you spend a lot of money on it? Obviously, you want to be safe and feel secure where you are staying. However, you can feel safe in a hostel, which will cost much less than a hotel. is a respectable website that I have used several times to find lodgings while traveling. If the idea of sleeping in a bunk bed in a room full of other people freaks you out, you can find a hostel that offers private rooms. Most private rooms cost about $20-$30 per night, which is much cheaper than an expensive hotel room will cost.

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The Best Holiday Train Deals for Students

trainYears ago, traveling by train was the only way to go. Now, people seem to forget about traveling by train due to the popularity of airline travel or the convenience of driving. As a student looking for an economical way to get home for the holidays, or even for the summer, you can’t afford not to check out train prices.

Depending on how far in advance you look, you can find some really great deals by riding the train. This isn’t just for those in the United States. Train travel is very popular overseas as a way to travel from one country to another.

Traveling by train gives you the advantage of not having to drive. While aboard most trains, you can eat and sleep in an actual bed and enjoy the scenery. Read the rest of this entry »


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