student opinions

student opinions

Every School Should Have a Useless Teacher

learning-from-bad-teachers“Every school should have a useless teacher,” Zenna Atkins, Chairman of the UK’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) told the BBC. She pointed out that dealing with a difficult authority figure is an important life skill. “If kids can manage to cope with one bad teacher that’ll be a good learning lesson for them in life – it is not necessarily an absolute disaster.” Read the rest of this entry »

Peers Influence College Student Political Views More Than Professors

Here’s an interesting piece of data to add to the heated debate of whether left-leaning professors are influencing the political and religious views of students.  According to a report from UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute, students are indeed moving further to the left when they come to college.  However, this doesn’t have nearly as much to do with the students’ professors as it does with their peers.  The opinions of peers are a bigger influence on students’ opinions than what their professors have to say.

Imagine that.  Students are more influenced by what their friends say than what their teachers say.  This definitely rings true with my experiences.  As a professor, whenever I heard right-wing pundits bemoaning how left-wing teachers are all in the business of indoctrinating our youth, part of me always wondered, “What? Do they think our students are actually listening to us?”. Read the rest of this entry »


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