Ten Signs that Spring Has Arrived on College Campuses

students-relaxingFor a good portion of the country, the past two weeks have marked the first few real signs of spring. And nowhere is this felt with more excitement and delight than on college campuses.

Throughout the winter, students all around the country must sludge through snow, sleet and frosty winds to get to class. As if backpacks aren’t heavy enough, college students are also weighed down by bulky winter coats, clumsy mittens that make holding a cup of coffee a feat of balance and clunky boots that break most fashion rules.

But alas, spring is here. Birds are chirping. The snow has melted and most importantly, students have a spring in their step.

Here are ten signs that mark the dawn of spring on college campuses:

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South Bronx School Has Unique Way to Deal with Emotionally Distressed Students

squishy ballHaven Academy school supply List:
1.    Pencils
2.    Paper
3.    Squishy

Squishy? What’s a squishy? A squishy is a “colorful rubber ball with dozens of tentacles that can withstand the strength of any young student.”

Umm okay, but why is it important? Students at Haven Academy use the squishy as a way to overcome their fears and calm their tears.

Maybe a little background information is necessary to explain the wonder of the squishy.

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Huffington Post College

huffpost collegeCollege campuses are some of the greatest places in the academic world. Each one is different, but they all have a feeling of limitless possibilities, newly discovered passions, and a dedication to accomplishing higher goals. When you step onto a college campus, you can’t help but smile (unless it’s finals week, but we won’t talk about that).

Most news stories we see on the television or read in the paper are the complete opposite. They bring us news of suffering people in foreign countries, rising economic stresses, and violence among neighbors. I personally avoid the news whenever I can, because it leaves me feeling depressed and discouraged, like there’s nothing I can do to improve the world around me.

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Study Answers Who Are Today’s First-Year College Students

college campusThe Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA attempted to answer the question – Who are today’s first-year college students?

The institute surveyed  220,000 first-year students who graduated from high school in 2009 and now attend 1,555 four-year colleges.

According to, here are 20 interesting factoids that cast a glimpse into the average American college student’s academic experience.

 1.   Percentage accepted by their No. 1 college: 79 percent.
 2.   Percentage attending their No. 1 choice: 61 percent.
 3.   Percentage who applied to four or fewer colleges: 67 percent.

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The Country’s Best High Schools

 high schoolU.S. News & World Report‘s  just released their list for America’s Best High Schools. After examining more than 21,000 public high schools around the country, U.S. News and its partner in the project, School Evaluation Services, uses a three-step process that analyzes first how schools are educating all of their students, then their minority and disadvantaged students, and finally their college-bound students based on student scores on statewide tests, Advanced Placement tests, and International Baccalaureate tests.

Without further adieu, here are the top ten high schools that made the Gold Medal List:

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High School Senior Denied Diploma for a Kiss

Graduation DayGraduation day should be a celebration. Four years of hard work rewarded by a single piece of paper – the diploma. Unfortunately, a Bonny Eagle high school student had an unexpected surprise after he blew his family a kiss on his way to accept his certificate of accomplishments. One of the school’s administrators, who was apparently not in a sentimental mood, sent the student back to his seat – without his diploma.

Post graduation, all sorts of web media channels were chiming in with opinions on whether or not the administration overreacted. The student’s mother is quite upset – and rightfully so – at her son’s treatment. According to an article from Fox News the outraged mother said, “A bow, a kiss to your mom is not misbehavior.” Read the rest of this entry »

Outfitting Your Digital Dorm Room

The amenities in today’s dorm rooms would make not only your parents’ jaws drop, but even those students in college just a decade ago. Technology has come so far, making a busy college students’ life easier, and making those electronic toys and gadgets even more affordable.

Video games, plasma TVs and Apple computers would have one time been quite a luxury for a college student, but these items are now priced within the reach of most students. Best Buy shows that they are primed to be a veritable one-stop-shop for students and their parents’ credit cards, with such necessities as alarm clocks with iPod docks, cell phones, microwaves, gaming consoles and they even match Apple’s 10% student discount.

This report shares more of what you might find in the dorms at the University of Washington. Is your dorm room this high tech?


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