students and alcohol

students and alcohol

Myths About Sobering Up

Planning on getting smashed this weekend? You may be tempted to drive home after you’ve had a few drinks, and maybe some of your friends have shared a few tricks for sobering up before you hit the road.

Want to know if your buds were right? Read below to find out the truth about sobering up.

Black coffee: Caffeine will only make the situation worse. Some think coffee sobers you up because it makes you more alert, leaving you feeling more confident to drive. On the contrary- though you may perceive yourself as less impaired, you are still as drunk as you were before you had that cup of Joe.

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Drinking An Important Predictor of GPA

College freshmen usually step on to campus for the first time with the expectation that their new endeavor will be a greater academic challenge than that of their high school experience. The fear of new demands motivates students to diligently hit the books; at first. Recent studies evaluating how college students spend their time demonstrate decreased time studying and explore how varying activities affect grade point averages.

Working, volunteering, student clubs, Facebook, and watching TV are all activities that distract students from studying; but nothing indicates grade point average more accurately than alcohol consumption. The evidence was found through a survey administered by Outside the Classroom, a company addressing health and wellness issues affecting college students.

Tom Wyatt, director of research, intended to continue research where most journals stop. It’s not a surprise that college students get distracted or that they drink, but the relationship between the two is what Wyatt found interesting.

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