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The New College Student Drug of Choice is Adderall

College life may be a fun and exciting adventure to look forward to, but it’s far from the easiest stage in life. The average college student must learn strong multitasking and time management skills in order to keep up with tests, assigned readings, papers and projects all while working a part-time job in order to pay for bills, gas and groceries.

There are many techniques a college student can employ in order to handle today’s fast-past lifestyle; for example, study groups can be extremely beneficial for cutting down on work load. But there’s another aid students are getting their hands on, and it’s called the “The College Study Drug,” also known as Adderall.  The following is an infographic from with statistics concerning the drug.

Adderall is a prescription drug used to treat those who have been diagnosed with ADHD. It helps those who have issues with concentrating to tune into the task at hand.

So what’s the problem? The prescription drug is being abused by millions of college students across campuses all over the country. It’s been found that Adderall can be as addictive as cocaine and meth, and not all of those taking the drug actually have a prescription for it.

Another major issue is the drinking problem for those taking the drug. Nine out of 10 students who are illegally consuming Adderall are also binge drinking. In addition, it’s been found that abusive Adderall takers are more likely to to abuse other drugs as well.

Below is a list of statistics regarding the abuse of “The College Study Drug.”

  • Since 2007, prescriptions for ADHD have risen 26%
  • 8% of American children have ADHD
  • 7 million students are abusing their ADHD treatments
  • Emergency calls about students misusing ADHD drugs are up 76% since 2011
  • 12% of high school seniors, 40% of college students, and 50% juniors and seniors have used a prescription stimulant

By sharing alarming findings such as these, we can inform college students about the dangers of Adderall and other addictive drugs. In doing so, hopefully they will stray far from their path and toward healthy habits instead.

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Drinking An Important Predictor of GPA

College freshmen usually step on to campus for the first time with the expectation that their new endeavor will be a greater academic challenge than that of their high school experience. The fear of new demands motivates students to diligently hit the books; at first. Recent studies evaluating how college students spend their time demonstrate decreased time studying and explore how varying activities affect grade point averages.

Working, volunteering, student clubs, Facebook, and watching TV are all activities that distract students from studying; but nothing indicates grade point average more accurately than alcohol consumption. The evidence was found through a survey administered by Outside the Classroom, a company addressing health and wellness issues affecting college students.

Tom Wyatt, director of research, intended to continue research where most journals stop. It’s not a surprise that college students get distracted or that they drink, but the relationship between the two is what Wyatt found interesting.

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The Study Habits of Each Zodiac Sign

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about the zodiac right now. The topic has popped up everywhere the last couple of days and everyone has something to say about. Have our signs changed? Does it matter? I honestly don’t know, but I have to admit that finding a way for it to all apply to us at EDU was a fun mission to take on! I found some common study traits of each sign, although I’m sure most of you are still confused about which sign to look up! My advice is to look up both, the new and the old, because it’s all in good fun, right? Although I’m not sure what to tell those of you who fall under the new sign, Ophiuchus!

Zodiac study habits, according to the original zodiac chart that we all know and love:

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How to Work Well on a Group Project

College brings with it several different examples of real life. The whole point of college is to educate you on a particular subject so that you can go on to learn even more about it in the work force. You may notice as a college student that you are required to work on various different group projects as well as individual assignments. This is important because that’s how many career jobs work. You often have to work with a group of people to create a final project. While working within that group, you will have individual elements that you are responsible for. Working in a group can have advantages and disadvantages, largely weighing on the personalities and work ethic of the group members. Below are some tips for working well on a group project and pull your own weight. Even if you haven’t been assigned to work in a group before, you can use these tips for future projects whether related to work, school or even a family event.

  • Divide and conquer. Take your assignment or project and divide it into some to-do items. Assign those to the members of the group. Be sure to schedule a time that everyone should have their part done and brought back to the group. Email is your friend if you can’t make it to the next group meeting. That way you aren’t holding up progress for the project and are still doing your part. If everyone agrees on what they are doing, you can easily knock out the project and achieve success.

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Everything You Need to Pull an All-Nighter

coffeeAs another school year gets underway, there are some constants you can’t forget. Between homework and library research, term papers and study sessions, it’s inevitable that there will be days you don’t have enough time to finish everything in your regular waking hours. Whether it’s a habit of procrastination, a big test or a heavy class load, college students are going to need to pull an all-nighter sooner or later. Some dread them, and some find they work better under the pressure of a looming deadline and lack of sleep, but either way, you better get used to them.

It’s definitely better to study on a regular basis so you aren’t forced to pull an all-night study session to get things done, but when you find yourself unable to avoid it, there are some things that will make your evening easier, and maybe even a little more enjoyable:

  • Caffeine: Whether it’s in the form of coffee, chocolate, tablets or a fancy latte, caffeine is a must for pulling an all-nighter. It will help you stay awake so that you are alert enough to absorb the material you’re cramming into your brain at four in the morning. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ways to Prepare for Spring Semester Over Winter Break


Staying organized at school can be a breeze!

Enjoying your holiday break?  Clearly, there are plenty of fun things to do away from school, so preparing for Spring semester may be the furthest thing from your mind.  However, there are a few simple things you can do to prepare that will make your life a little easier later.

  1. Buy Your Textbooks Now.  With a little legwork and Internet access, you can purchase your textbooks for next semester much cheaper than if you buy them in the campus bookstore.  Here are some ways to save money on college textbooks.
  2. Organize Your Calendar. One of the best ways to manage your time as a college student is to keep a detailed calendar of your assignment deadlines. Figure out how you’re going to set up your system now, either on paper or electronically, so that you’ll be set to get organized when the semester begins. Read the rest of this entry »


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