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study resources

Two Useful Study Websites for Students

booksSchool is officially back in full swing, and that means that homework is also back, plaguing students on a nightly basis. Sometimes homework is pretty simple and only takes a little while to finish but other times, it can turn into a long, painful ordeal. When you are suffering through your homework (instead of breezing through it), these two websites can really cut down on the time you spend on it, as well as help you better understand the material.’s The Homework Center is an awesome resource aimed at students in grades K-8 and is customizable for age and gender. This site features study tools, information, and other resources on a wide variety of subjects, including history, language arts, mathematics, sciences, and many more. The Homework Center offers an interactive guide to the periodic table, daily historical facts, flashcards, and language arts quizzes so students can have fun while getting homework help. Read the rest of this entry »

CosmoLearning Teaches Students Online

cosmolearning logoWhen I do not understand something that I should have learned in class, my first step is to hop online and hit up Google or Wikipedia. Sometimes I do not find what I am looking for and am forced to do my research in tangible media forms likes books and newspapers. But now, a new website,, has made my search for knowledge a lot easier.

CosmoLearning is a free educational website for students and teachers and offers educational materials in 37 courses. These courses range from anthropology to French to religion to music and sports. Basically, anything you need or want to learn, you can find on this site. Read the rest of this entry »


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