Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Bard College Math Camp Helps Middle Schoolers Stay Sharp Over Summer Break

Can you imagine going to a “summer camp” only to find that the daily itinerary consists of spending six hours each day studying math? To me, this sounds absolutely awful, but for Mattie Williams and the 16 other students who are attending the Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving at Bard College, this is a reality they are very excited about. These 17 students view math as a competitive sport and enjoy spending their days solving complicated problems.

Williams and her fellow campers will all be starting eight grade in the NYC public school district in the fall, where 75 percent of the students receive free lunches due to financial need. So, when Williams was offered the chance to spend a few weeks of her summer studying math at Bard College, she jumped on the opportunity that might not have been available to her if it was not being financed by the Art of Problem Solving Foundation. This foundation is a nonprofit program that promotes math education for gifted students.

“These are students who have a tremendous amount of potential and are really ready for a lot more than they’re able to get in schools,” said the camp’s director, Daniel Zaharopol, who is a math teacher and has earned his master’s degree in mathematics. Zaharopol feels that this summer camp is a very valuable resources for this students. “If these students had just gone to the New York City Math Circle this summer, they would have felt like a fish out of water. They wouldn’t have the same mathematical background and experience as their peers.”

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Lady Gaga: Geek Camp Grad

lady-gaga-went-to-campIt turns out Lady Gaga went to “geek camp” at the Center for Talented Youth offered by Johns Hopkins University, one of several summer camp programs offered to smart kids around the country. Other notable alumni of the highly selective programs include Google’s Sergey Brin and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Summer programs offer gifted students a chance to stretch their intellect and creativity in ways often not developed in conventional classrooms. Plus, it offers students labeled “nerds” and “geeks” by their peers a chance to find a different kind of social acceptance. Read the rest of this entry »

Silly Bandz Banned From Schools But Endorsed By Justin Bieber

Silly BandsIn the past it has been baseball cards, pogs, U.S. state coins, Ty Beanie Babies, and now the latest trend to consume children’s allowance is the Silly Bandz, also known as Zany Bandz.

Similar to prior phenomenon, these rubberband-type bracelets are bought, traded, given away and collected and kids are stacking them from the wrists to their elbows.

They resemble ordinary brightly colored rubber bracelets when they’re on children’s wrists, although even adults and teenagers are rockin’ the craze, but when you take them off, the bracelets pop back into their original shapes.

Forms of the bracelets range from fun shapes to animals to flowers to toys. Even professional sports teams like the New York Yankees have a line of the bands that they sell at their stadium of their logos and baseball-related shapes.

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