Summer Learning Loss

Summer Learning Loss

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with This Summer Reading List

Nobody likes taking an English class in the fall because we all know that this means we will get a long list of books that we have to read during the summer to prepare for the class. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy reading a good book, but being forced to read some Victorian novel every summer and then answer questions about it in the fall? That’s not nearly as appealing.

So, what if we made our own summer reading list? Sounds like a good idea to me. And since I just graduated from college and am feeling a bit nostalgic for my younger years, I thought a reading list of books from my childhood would be a fantastic way to avoid thoughts of being a grown up. If you are in a similar situation (or just want some fun books to read) check out this Summer Reading List: A Trip Down Memory Lane.

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The Best Books of 2010

Winter break is finally here! That means anywhere from two weeks to a whole month of no school, no obligations, and lots of relaxation. This all sounds wonderful, until you are about half-way into the break and realize that the only productive thing you have done during your vacation is catch up with the Kardashians or work on your baseball pitch with your little brother. (Both are worth-while activities, I’m just saying they aren’t exactly “productive.”)

Maybe instead of sleeping in until 1:00pm every day, you could do something slightly productive and that will also prevent your brain from going to mush over the break. Now, let’s not get too crazy here: I’m not suggesting you write a 10-page thesis paper about the economic, political, and social impacts of World War Two, but how about giving your brain a little exercise by reading a book? And not just any book, but one of the best books that were written this year?

Barnes and Noble recently announced the Best Teen Books for 2010. These books range from “nuanced paranormal romance” to “important, more problematic teen issues” to “well-crafted genre fiction.”

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Oklahoma City Public Schools Vote Unanimously for a Year-Round Calendar

Many people are aware of the phenomenon that affects thousands of students every summer: summer brain drain. Basically, during the three months of summer break, many students regress in their academics. They forget what they learned the past year and, as a result, have to spend the first few weeks of each school year relearning what they should already know.

On December 13, the Oklahoma City School Board voted unanimously to actively fight summer brain drain by instituting a year-round educational calendar. This new calendar will eliminate the three things that most students love about school: June, July, and August vacations.

Many students who hear that their summer break will not exist fear that they will be spending more time in the classroom. However, according to a press release, this new calendar will not require students to spend more days in school. It will simply divide summer break and split those days between other breaks, such as winter break and spring break.

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Avoid Summer Brain Drain in Three Fun Ways

By now, I am sure you have heard of summer learning loss. Just in case you are not up to date, SLL is an educator’s nightmare and occurs during summer vacation, when students are not exercising their minds. Severity varies by student, but most do lose some of their knowledge and academic skills during the three months of summer vacation.summer reading

So, how can you avoid summer learning loss, otherwise known as brain drain? Well, you could enroll in summer school or attempt to complete a course by correspondence. But neither of those activities sound like what students would really like to do with their summer break. Is there any way to avoid summer learning loss, but still enjoy yourself? Actually, yes, there are several. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Learning Loss Avoided With Summer Assignments

Ask any school-aged child what they most look forward to, and they will probably say summer vacation. Although kids anxiously await the long break from school, one thing that may be overlooked by both students and parents is summer learning loss. Summer learning loss takes place when students lose knowledge and academic skills over the course of summer vacation. Summer learning loss has lately become a hot topic that has drawn the attention of several media outlets and that of first lady Michelle Obama.summer learning loss

The severity of summer learning loss seems to be higher with children from lower income families. Some students lose as much as 2.6 months of math skills and about two months of reading skills. Both teachers and students are affected by summer learning loss, as teachers must spend time at the beginning of the school year reviewing what’s been lost from the previous year. At times, his review can take up to six weeks, which is time lost from learning new skills. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Five Benefits of Summer School

summer schoolWhy in the world would anybody want to spend their summer attending summer school classes?

Actually, there are many reasons why attending summer school is not a bad thing, and is actually a very smart move.

Here are my top five reasons:

1.    Get a head start on the classes you will be taking next semester. Sometimes, classes move way too fast for students to really keep up with the material. Consider a high school math class: When I took calculus, I was extremely confused every single day, mostly because I had not understood what we did the day before. However, if I had pre-calculus during summer school, I would have had a better understanding of the subject when I took calculus during the school year. Summer school is a great way to prepare yourself for the difficult classes you have to take during the school year.

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