summer vacation

summer vacation

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with This Summer Reading List

Nobody likes taking an English class in the fall because we all know that this means we will get a long list of books that we have to read during the summer to prepare for the class. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy reading a good book, but being forced to read some Victorian novel every summer and then answer questions about it in the fall? That’s not nearly as appealing.

So, what if we made our own summer reading list? Sounds like a good idea to me. And since I just graduated from college and am feeling a bit nostalgic for my younger years, I thought a reading list of books from my childhood would be a fantastic way to avoid thoughts of being a grown up. If you are in a similar situation (or just want some fun books to read) check out this Summer Reading List: A Trip Down Memory Lane.

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MTV Announces College Weight-Loss Show


UPDATE [3/9/11]: Do you want to apply? MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat” Casting for Season 2

MTV announced a new weight-loss reality show, I Used to Be Fat. The show will follow teens during the summer after high school as they lose weight and transform themselves before entering college. The show comes from the producers of The Biggest Loser, and is part of the network’s effort to reconnect with a “millennial” audience.

Each hour-long episode will feature one teen as he or she works out with trainer, meets with nutritionists and consults with doctors. “That reboot of your life can happen over one summer,” says JD Roth, the executive producer of I Used to Be Fat. “The kids who really dedicated themselves and really wanted this made changes that are staggering. We had multiple kids lose 100 pounds.” Go ahead and read this Proven review to start losing some weight.

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Indianapolis Public Schools Halve Summer Vacation

Indianapolis-Public-SchoolsIndianapolis Public Schools are falling in line with President Obama’s wish for students to attend school year-round. The largest school district in Indiana is proposing a massive change to their academic calendar.

The new schedule will combine some of the aspects of a year-round plan with the traditional school calendar, a system they’re calling the “balance calendar.” The start of the school year would be the same, but summer vacation would be cut down to five weeks. Students would then attend classes for about nine weeks, and have a three week break in the fall.

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Obama Continues to Support Year-Round School [Video]

end-summer-vacationIn this morning’s interview with Matt Lauer, President Obama addresses a topic that’s been hotly debated by students and educators alike: ending summer vacation.

Those in favor of ending summer vacation argue that not only will students learn more from having less time off, they would also forget less. Obama continues to support this idea, and he is also in favor of longer school days. Year-round school would particularly benefit low-income students who do not have access to the kinds of extra-curricular enrichment programs that more affluent students are able to attend during the summer.

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Drowning is a Silent Killer, 11 Signs to Watch for

Kid in PoolAlready halfway through summer vacation parents might be getting a bit lax with their supervision of their children at the pool. Most parents believe that if their kids were in danger they would scream, gasp, or flail their arms, but actually drowning is a silent killer.

In a drowning scenario there normally is not any wild splashing, waving, calling for help or making of a scene. Reports have shown that most Americans don’t notice people drowning a mere 30 yards away.

The body’s respiratory system was designed primarily for breathing, and speech secondary, therefore breathing must occur before speech can be utilized. When a person is drowning their mouth alternatively drops below the surface level of the water prohibiting the body’s respiratory system from inhaling or exhaling long enough to call for help. To try and lift their mouths above water, naturally people push their arms down laterally against the water, thus preventing them from waving for help, or moving towards a rescuer. Most abled persons are only capable of staying above water for 20 to 60 seconds before submersion.

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Summer Songs: from California Girls to California Gurls

summer-songs-beach-boys-to-katy-perryCheck out this awesome time line of summer songs created by UPenn‘s Jessica Goldstein for From The Beach Boys to Katy Perry, Ms. Goldstein has collected the best and worst, but definitely most addictive, summertime tunes.

She writes: “This list isn’t just for songs about summer, but rather the tracks released in that May to August stretch, the ones scientifically engineered to stick in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth. Is your favorite summer song—or, alternatively, a song that makes a tiny part of you die inside every time you hear it—missing from this scale of awesome-to-awful?”

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Avoid Summer Brain Drain in Three Fun Ways

By now, I am sure you have heard of summer learning loss. Just in case you are not up to date, SLL is an educator’s nightmare and occurs during summer vacation, when students are not exercising their minds. Severity varies by student, but most do lose some of their knowledge and academic skills during the three months of summer vacation.summer reading

So, how can you avoid summer learning loss, otherwise known as brain drain? Well, you could enroll in summer school or attempt to complete a course by correspondence. But neither of those activities sound like what students would really like to do with their summer break. Is there any way to avoid summer learning loss, but still enjoy yourself? Actually, yes, there are several. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Learning Loss Avoided With Summer Assignments

Ask any school-aged child what they most look forward to, and they will probably say summer vacation. Although kids anxiously await the long break from school, one thing that may be overlooked by both students and parents is summer learning loss. Summer learning loss takes place when students lose knowledge and academic skills over the course of summer vacation. Summer learning loss has lately become a hot topic that has drawn the attention of several media outlets and that of first lady Michelle Obama.summer learning loss

The severity of summer learning loss seems to be higher with children from lower income families. Some students lose as much as 2.6 months of math skills and about two months of reading skills. Both teachers and students are affected by summer learning loss, as teachers must spend time at the beginning of the school year reviewing what’s been lost from the previous year. At times, his review can take up to six weeks, which is time lost from learning new skills. Read the rest of this entry »

Fun Ways to Spend a Rainy Summer Day

Like most college students, I have a summer job that I work most days of the week. On my few days off, I like to sit by a pool, read a book, and just relax. I also like going for walks, boating at a lake, and going to drive-in movies. All of my choice activities are outdoors activities because it’s summertime and summertime means sunshine and nice weather. But what do you do when it is chilly or rainy outside? Is your perfect summer day – or possibly your only day off from work this week – completely ruined? No, of course not! Here are some of my favorite indoors summer activities!3d movie

Go see a movie! I always feel guilty wasting a sunny day inside a dark theater. (Can you tell I’m a bit of sun worshiper?) But when it’s rainy outside, I have absolutely no qualms about sitting in a nice, air-conditioned theater and enjoying a flick; when I feel like treating myself, I even have some popcorn. Some popular movies this summer include Toy Story 3, Eclipse, and The Last Airbender. Read the rest of this entry »

Python Found in Student Locker

After students had left North High School in Newton, Mass. for the summer, custodian Ed Reardon was snake-found-in-lockercleaning out lockers. Each year the school district donates the abandoned books to charity. But when he reached into the top of one locker, a three-foot python fell to his feet.

“I just thought it was a change purse or something,” Reardon told a local newspaper with a laugh. “I bent down, because I wasn’t sure if it was real, and I realized it was the real thing,” he said. Identified as a ball python, Reardon used a notebook to keep the snake from escaping and picked it up by the back of the head. “It can’t bite you if you grab it by the back of the neck,” he said, of the technique he had seen on nature shows. Read the rest of this entry »


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