Bin Laden Death T-Shirts Make NYU Business Student $300K

One of Harary's Osama T shirt designs

A New York University business student thought he could make a killing from Osama Bin Laden‘s death; no pun intended. When Maurice Harary, 23, heard of Bin Laden’s death, he immediately designed a line of t-shirts celebrating his passing  and sold them on his website called Osamadeadtees.com.

Harary has sold over 25,000 shirts and has made over $300,oo0, but he’s giving that fast cash back. His get-rich-quick plan has not only brought him loads of money, but an enormous amount of guilt as well.

“I will now be refunding all orders on Osama dead tees,” he said. “Celebrating over the death of someone, whoever it is, is evil in my eyes.”

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