Teach for America

Teach for America

Congress Makes Temporary Budget Cuts to Education Programs

Fears loom over educators’ heads this week as the possibility of permanent budget cuts to several education programs comes closer to a reality. Over a dozen of high-profile education programs were cut from a stopgap spending measure after President Obama signed a two-week funding bill on March 2.

The bill, which extends to March 18, plans to keep the government operating while Republicans and Democrats try to come to an agreement in spending for the rest of the fiscal year.

Programs, like Teach for America, Even Start and Striving Readers, took heavy blows to their funding after Republicans insisted on cutting the Department of Education’s budget by nearly $750 million. The department’s most current arbitrary budget sits at $46.8 billion.

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Teach For America Gets $100 Million for First Endowment

The Teach For America organization is getting $100 million to launch its first endowment. The hopes of the organization are that this endowment will make this organization a permanent part of education.

Teach For America was started 20 years ago and is an organization that places recent college graduates into low-income public schools. The organization has drawn criticism from teachers unions because they place teachers with no experience in a teaching position for two years and many don’t continue teaching after that period of time. Teach For America has stated that one third of their alumni continue teaching after two years and their teachers are at least as effective as teachers who enter the teaching field through traditional methods.

Teach For America serves communities all over the country and works to make sure that a child’s background does not determine their educational outcome.

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School Pride’s Second Episode Features Lanier Elementary and Teach 4 America

lanier elementaryThe second episode of the first season of NBC’s School Pride features Lanier Elementary in Louisiana, where viewers find out that 300 Lanier Elementary students only have one ball (that is actually partially deflated) to play with. Viewers also learn that School Pride isn’t Lanier’s first lifeline of hope. The school has a heavy presence of Teach 4 America teachers and although test scores are improving, the building itself is deteriorating- but the help won’t just stop there.

Just like the premiere episode, Former Miss USA and Designer Susie Castillo, Comedian Kim Whitley, Political Journalist Jacob Soboroff and Team Leader and Voice Over Host Tom Stroup, come together to spearhead the restoration project of the school. Read the rest of this entry »

Teach for America Veterans to Run School

Brick-avon-schoolIn Newark, New Jersey, six teachers produced by Teach for America are now in charge of Brick Avon Academy. Rather than running the school from a centralized principal’s office, they will serve as “teacher-leaders.” The teachers in Newark are part of an emerging trend of teacher-run schools.  They hope to improve schools in the systems that are struggling most. Similar schools have opened in Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit and Denver.

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Acceptance to Teach for America as Competitive as the Ivy League

teach-for-america-as-competitive-as-ivy-leagueDespite the high turn-over rate, the The New York Times reports that being hired by Teach for America is more competitive than ever. A record 46,359 applicants bid for only 4,500 positions nationwide, a 32 percent increase since 2009. Eighteen percent of the graduating class of Harvard applied for the program.

Will Cullen, who was accepted to Teach for America after graduating from Villanova, reported that a friend who was not hired instead will be a Fullbright scholar. Some students are not even trying to apply for the year following graduation, but instead try to gain related experience to boost their resumes. Read the rest of this entry »


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