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10 College Athletes to Watch at the Olympics

Classes begin in just a few weeks for college students. For those who are returning from a summer break, the tricky transition of balancing classes, homework, a job, and a social life begins once more.

Imagine if you had to add “catching up” to the list because you’ll be missing the first few days of class due to the Olympics. Not from watching the games or even attending, but because you’ll be competing in the international event. Many of Team USA’s athletes will be missing class this semester while they go for the gold in London. In fact, 5/8 of the US men’s Olympic gymnasts are University of Oklahoma students!

USA Today recently compiled a list of 10 college Olympians to keep your eye on during these summer games. Read the rest of this entry »

Opening Weekend of College Football puts Spotlight Back on the Field

By Cabrone Brewer

College football’s kickoff weekend is never without its surprises on the field, but this season most of the opening day mischief came from the clouds above. Michigan and West Virginia had their victories cut short in the rain, while games at Notre Dame, Iowa and Tennessee all had serious delays due to severe weather near the stadiums.

And a media storm has begun to surface over Oklahoma and Texas as rumors place both programs looking at a move to the infant Pac-12.

Two of the weekend’s biggest surprises, however, came from the north Texas region. In a Friday night opening battle, defending Rose Bowl Champ TCU scored 25 points in the fourth quarter, but that wasn’t enough to keep Baylor from their first win over a ranked opponent since 2004, as kicker Aaron Jones booted a 37-yard field goal with 1:04 left to give BU a 50-48 edge over the #14 Horned Frogs. Bears’ quarterback Robert Griffin III threw for a career-high five TD passes.

From the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, a game that many thought would go down to the wire, turned into a rout. Turnovers and inexperience at several positions put third-ranked Oregon in the hole as fourth-ranked LSU kept the pressure coming to catch the Ducks’ off-guard 40-27. It was the first season opening game of two top-five teams on a neutral field since 1984 and the 34th consecutive nonconference game won by the Tigers — the longest nonconference-winning streak in the nation.

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Texas A&M Has Biggest Social Network

texas-anmFan Page List, a site that ranks the size of entities’ social networks, now publishes a list of the universities and colleges with the largest social networks. While one might assume that the colleges with the largest enrollment would have the biggest social networks, as represented by Facebook fans and Twitter followers, this in fact is not the case. Texas A&M leads the list, although it is the seventh largest public university, according to enrollment data from 2009. Ivy league schools also do extremely well on the list, despite their comparatively modest enrollments. It seems that school spirit and prestige, and no doubt a tech-savvy student and alum body, have a lot to do with building a major social media presence.

Here’s the top ten Colleges on Facebook and Twitter:

1. Texas A&M University

2. University of Michigan

3. University of Oklahoma

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Should Professors Get Bonuses for Good Teaching Evaluations?

Texas A & M University has a controversial new program that’s drawn a lot of criticism in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other publications.  The school is awarding bonuses to faculty members who score in the top 18 percent of the ranks on their teacher evaluations.  Teachers can receive anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000.

Why is this controversial?  On the one hand, some are applauding this system because they hope it will increase accountability in the classroom.  It’s also a way to reward good teaching, which is certainly not valued as much as it should be. Read the rest of this entry »


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