textbook rentals

textbook rentals

College Students are Being Creative to Make Some Quick Cash

hand holding cashIt’s very common for college students to feel strapped for cash these days. Even if they have a part-time job, it can be hard to make ends meet, especially if your parents are not helping fund your education. So what is a student to do?

Margaux Malyshev decided to become a hair model in order to make $250.

“To earn the $250, I had to let them do anything they wanted to my hair,” she said. When Malyshev walked in for the “job,” she had long blond hair. By the end of the experience, she had brunette hair with bangs and layers. “From now on, I plan to stick with psychological testing.” Malyshev was referring to her other source of income, where she makes about $20 per hour by filling out university research questionnaires.

For those who have just graduated and are in debt with student loans, this situation seems even worse. Combined with the current job market, many students are searching for any way possible to save a few dollars.

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Chegg.com to Offer Course Planning System

chegg-courseRankSellers of textbooks are adopting new strategies to sell books by integrating their wares into various kinds of educational platforms. Barnes & Noble and McGraw Hill are partnering with Blackboard to integrate digital textbooks with the  an online course management system used by many colleges. CourseSmart has a similar program that is being tested at 10 universities.

Chegg, the largest textbook rental company, is the latest company to expand its services beyond books. In yesterday’s press release, Chegg.com announced that they have acquired the start-up CourseRank, a scheduling system for college students. CourseRank not only helps students schedule each semester, it also helps them plan their entire college career, rate courses, and find classes with friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Barnes & Noble Allows Students to Rent Textbooks

barnes and noblesMove over Chegg.com. Barnes & Noble is entering the textbook rental arena.

Barnes & Noble is the largest bookstore chain in the country and has been the top selling chain for the past six years. Barnes & Noble sells most of its books through its almost 800 bookstores. However, its quickly growing website also offers over one million titles, and a new line of campus bookstores called Barnes & Noble College Bookstores operates at 636 colleges and universities.

So obviously, Barnes & Noble is a big company. And now, in an effort to help students combat the rising cost of college textbooks, Barnes & Noble is starting to rent its textbooks.

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