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As a college student, I truly understand why the beginning of the semester strikes fear into the hearts of many. It’s not the thought of getting up for that 8:00 a.m. class, or stressing over essays and exams. No, the worst part of the beginning of the semester is buying your books.textbook pricing

It is common knowledge that textbooks are expensive. Some can cost more than $200 when they are brand new. No matter how you try to spin it, the fact is that it really sucks when a grand portion of your summer paychecks go straight to paying for your Zoology 101 textbook.

So, how can you find the best, cheapest textbooks out there? You could drive to every textbook store in your town. You could make a spreadsheet and compare all of the different online rental companies. Or you could take the easy way out and use Textbook Pricing. Read the rest of this entry »

Barnes and Noble Makes E-Textbook Buying Easier with Nookstudy

Barnes and Noble has made it easier than ever for college students to access electronic textbooks. The bookstore chain is teaming up with Blackboard Inc., a provider of software to educational institutions, and the partnership hopes to launch this integration in the fall.bn blackboard

How will it work? Simple. When you log on to your Blackboard account and click on one of your enrolled courses, you’ll find links to electronic versions of the course’s textbooks. You’ll be able to both purchase and download these required texts all in one place.

In addition, the two companies will work to make Blackboard content coexist with Barnes and  Noble’s new eTextbook reader, called Nookstudy. Read the rest of this entry »

Follett Rents Textbooks Through College Bookstores

Well, it seems that college bookstores are trying to get in on the popular new trend of textbook rental.

follettFollett Higher Education Group announced a new plan to expand its textbook rental program to 850 college and university bookstores. In fall 2009, Follett’s pilot program was implemented at seven schools and saved students almost $2 million, as opposed to buying textbooks. By January 2010, there were 27 schools participating in the program. Starting the 2010 school year, Follett expects to have rental programs in place at more than 800 schools.

“Our rental program is efficient and value-driven and will benefit students while providing them with yet another affordable choice from Follett bookstores,” said Thomas A. Christopher, president of Follett Higher Education Group. “We have been at the forefront of cost-savings programs for more than a century, and this is just one of many options…to drive down the cost of course materials.” Read the rest of this entry »

Borders Opens New Marketplace for Textbooks

borders-textbook-marketplaceIt seems like the number of places students can buy textbooks grows everyday. The popular bookseller Borders launched its online “Borders Textbook Marketplace” yesterday, which flaunts 1.4 million titles and savings of up to 90 percent.

The Textbook Marketplace is the product of a partnership between Borders and online textbook source Alibris. Books for all educational levels—elementary school, middle school, high school and college—will be for sale. Other titles frequently used in classrooms are also available, as are education-related books, like advice books for choosing a college and homeschooling resources. Students will also be able to use the platform to resell books.

The new marketplace does not have a rental service, unlike Chegg.com and Barnes & Noble. Textbook rentals look like they will be the big upcoming trend for students who want to save money, so it’s surprising that Borders hasn’t jumped on board. Also yet to be seen is whether or not digital textbooks will be available through the service.

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Targeting Teachers to Sell E-Textbooks

Targeting Teachers to Sell E-Textbooks

selling-e-textbooks-to-professorsWith the jury still out on digital iPad textbooks, publishers are adapting a new strategy for selling e-textbooks, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education. They’re pitching them to professors by integrating the digital format with course-management systems they probably already use.

Blackboard announced that it will partner with publisher McGraw Hill and college bookstores Follett Higher Eduction Group and Barnes & Noble college booksellers. Together, they will sell textbooks through the tech company’s course-management system. This will allow educators to connect online assignments from e-texts directly to existing online grade books. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Prime Free to Students for One Year

amazon-students-programAmazon is offering a new program called Amazon Students to any U.S. student with a “.edu” email address who is enrolled in at least one course. The program incorporates Amazon’s Prime service, which features two-day free shipping with no purchase minimum and special student deals. That means any discounted textbooks that can be purchased from Amazon will be shipped for free–and students won’t have to worry that their savings will be spent in handling costs. Plus, two day shipping rivals the campus bookstore for convenience. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Textbook Rental Companies

rentNobody likes buying college textbooks. The entire process is frustrating and hard on your pocketbook. You pay way too much money for a textbook that you might or might not use – depending on how much your professor actually uses that book – and then when the semester is over, you sell it back for considerably less money than you paid for it. For example, I bought a Spanish textbook for $95 last semester, and when I sold it back, I got a measly $11. Completely awful, huh?

Fortunately, there is an alternative to buying your textbooks and then selling them back. This alternative is renting your textbooks. According to Chegg.com, the average student will save more than $500 if he or she rents his or her books instead of buying books each year. So, if you are like me and would rather hold onto your money than give it to the big publishing companies, consider renting your textbooks this year. Here are some of the most popular places for renting textbooks. Read the rest of this entry »

eCampus Entourage Helps Students Save on Textbooks

eCampus-EntourageFinding money for expensive textbooks can be a major source of stress for college students, with many campus bookstores selling at premium rates. The online textbook source eCampus.com is launching a new program that might make saving money on books a little easier. It’s called eCampus Entourage, a loyalty program designed to reward college students for promoting the eCampus textbook site and recruiting their friends.

The eCampus site offers a number of money-saving solutions, such as textbook rentals. It’s free to join on eCampusEntourage.com, which gives members 5% off everything at eCampus.com, and a unique coupon code. Read the rest of this entry »

BookRenter to Be the NetFlix of Textbook Rentals

bookrenterWith the rising costs of college tuition and the still struggling economy, textbook booksellers are hard at work to help relieve a bit of the financial burden to students by renting, not selling books, to cash-strapped academicians.

Online book rental companies, like Chegg and others, provide an opportunity to save on the cost of college textbooks by offering young intellects a chance to rent their semester textbooks. Now, BookRenter, a college textbook rental start-up, has received $10 million in investment money to make them the NetFlix of textbook rentals.

Read the rest of this entry »

Chegg Offers More Money For Used Books

cheggIf you’re like me, you can’t help feeling downright scammed when it comes time to selling your textbooks back to the bookstore. You probably noticed that the $150 science book was only worth $20 dollars at the end of the semester.

Chegg.com hopes to change all of that by giving you more than the campus bookstore. The online textbook rental company is offering to buy your used college textbooks through the end of May.

If you’re looking to make money beyond selling your textbooks, you may want to consider becoming a “Chegg Champion.” Chegg Champions are brand ambassadors that receive a cash commission for every student they get to send in their used books.

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