Pennsylvania Middle School Bans Uggs Boots in the Middle of Winter

bootsMiddle school students at Pottsdam Middle School in Pennsylvania can now add Uggs boots to the list of clothing items that may not be worn to school. It’s common knowledge that many schools have dress codes which prevent the wearing of some articles of clothing, such as baseball caps and extremely baggy pants, but I have never heard of a school banning a particular brand of shoes before.

According to the school, the shoes were causing problems…or more appropriately, it was the items that students were bringing into the school – hidden inside their shoes – that was causing the problems. Many students were hiding their cell phones in their furry boots and then texting during class. After several students were caught in the act, the school decided to ban the shoes in order to address the issue.

Some parents are quite upset about this new banned article of clothing. In addition to the ban being “totally ridiculous,” according to a Facebook post by a parent, some people are saying that the Ugg-ban is sexist against girls, who are the main wearers of the shoes.

“Pockets, bras, socks, what’s next?” one parent wrote on Facebook.

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Does Texting Affect High School Students’ Grammar?

High school students use the least amount of words to send text messages. BTW (by the way,) IDK ( I don’t know,) or TTYL (talk to you later) are just a few abbreviated phrases text speakers use to get their text message across.

Finding out ways to communicate by using as little words as possible is an efficient way to communicate with buds. However, teachers are finding out that this chat-room lingo is making its way into the classroom.

“I think that students don’t even realize that they’re doing it,” said Allie Sakowicz, a senior at Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Ill. “When we’re using all this social media we’re not thinking about spelling words right, so naturally that’s going to translate into the classroom.”

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Texas Teacher Faces Jail Time for Sleeping with 5 Students

Brittni Nicole Colleps was a teacher at Kennedale High School in Texas. Colleps is a mother of three and her husband is in the military. She seemed like your normal high school English teacher until reports that she had sex with five of her students.

It all began on April 20 when Colleps and her 18-year old student began sending explicit text messages. Six days later, the student came over to Colleps’ home and the two had sex. This set of a series of events that led to Colleps becoming sexually involved with four other students and even videotaping one of the encounters. All of the students were over 18-years of age, but it is still a second-degree felony offense for a teacher to have any type of sexual relationship with his/her students. Colleps was arrested on May 16, 2011; she was released later after posting the $125,000 bail.

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Students Share Their Lives on TextWilder.com

Every college student knows that texting is a huge part of the campus life. It’s how you can talk to your friends during class without getting in trouble, how you can ask that cute girl out for coffee without actually having to call her and risk rejection, and how you can tell your mom that you’ll call her back later. Now, it’s how you can share your everyday life with others on a new website, Text Wilder.

Text Wilder is a fun way to see what students on college campuses across the country are doing and thinking in their everyday lives. The website was founded less than a month ago, but already it is catching on.

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Teens are Texting All Night Long

texting in classThe very technology that was developed to bring us closer together is posing some serious side effects. For years now, inquiring minds throughout the world have asked whether social media is creating socially-stunted youth. Has the internet and text messaging bred a generation of people who would prefer to avoid one-on-one social situations and conversations? Has the age of convenience caused our obesity rates to skyrocket? Are young adults losing their sense of self, panicking when they don’t have constant contact with their friends? Now we’re forced to ask another question: Is technology snatching precious hours of sleep from our kids?

Why, yes it is, says researchers from the JFK Medical Center. It turns out that teens, on average, are texting 34 times each night. This texting-activity takes place in the middle of the night, after the teens have gone to sleep. Teenagers, sleeping with their cell phones under their pillow or on their nightstands, are neglecting to consider that this late-night texting is interrupting their sleep cycles. I wonder how many of them know that insufficient amounts and poor quality of sleep can cause: Read the rest of this entry »

Kansas State Senior Wins Texting Competition

Image via Kansas State Collegian

Image via Kansas State Collegian

Amanda Mitchem learned it pays to be able to text fast. The senior at Kansas State University won $1,000.00 in the U.S. Cellular Speed Texting Contest at the Kansas state fair this weekend. Mitchem made it through four rounds before claiming her prize. “I was very excited,” she said. “It was a shock.”

The competition is judged on accuracy in addition to speed. Contestants had to text a phrase to a specific number as soon as it appeared on a display.

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Making Text-Only Friends

talking and textingMy friends and I like to joke about epidemics that are sweeping our college campus. We call current fashion faux-paus  epidemics, we call it an epidemic when several of our other friends enter serious relations, and we call it an epidemic when we all paint our fingernails the same color.

Most of our “epidemics” really are not an epidemic. But one epidemic that actually deserves the title is being felt on college campuses around the country.

Have you ever met a cool guy at a party and then when you see him on campus, neither of you say hi? Or how about the girl who friended you on Facebook but never even looks at you in class?

This is what I’m talking about. We do not actually make friends, but we do make “text friends” or social media friends.

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