Common Religion College Majors for Students

BibleThere are several major fields of study available to college students. The more popular areas of study include criminal justice, business administration, accounting, nursing, and computer information systems and typically these types of majors are offered at most colleges across the country. Some of the more diverse degrees out there, however, shouldn’t be over looked, especially if it can lead a fulfilling life after your schooling is complete.

One area of study that students may not normally consider is a religious major, but if you are a religious or spiritual student, you can focus your education on your beliefs. There are several religious majors that students can choose from and contrary to what you might think, choosing a major in religion doesn’t mean you are restricted to being a minister or doing missionary work for your entire career. Some religious majors are for working in a church capacity, but not all. Religion major students can have a career in law, consulting, politics, writing and teaching, and a whole host of  other career paths. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Weird College Degrees

Many students in liberal arts programs have encountered some very specialized and unusual majors. But dedicating your entire college degree to a strange subject is something different. We’ve rounded up some of the strangest college degrees out there–in case you were feeling limited by more traditional degree offerings.diploma

1. Tracking UFOs

In 2008, the University of Melbourne, Australia awarded Martin Plowman with a PhD in UFOlogy. He studied at the School of Culture and Communication, where he examined the history and cultural implications of UFO sightings around the globe. When asked if he thought UFOs really exist, Dr. Plowman said he was open-minded. “When a person tells me they have seen something in the sky that they can’t explain I tend to believe them,’’ he added. Niagra County Community College in New York is considering implementing a UFO major at its school. Read the rest of this entry »

Worst-Paying College Degrees

diploma and capSociety says that earning a degree is an investment into your future. But have you ever figured out the math on how much you actually profit from your degree?

After paying thousands of dollars over the course of three to five years, these majors result in a list of the worst paying jobs according to a study released by Payscale.

10. Drama: Starting annual salary: $35,600; mid-career annual salary: $56,600. However, you can always make it big and become a multi-millionaire actor or director.

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