How to Ask Your Professor for Extra Credit

So you had your first exam and it didn’t go as well as you had hoped. Are you stuck with this new dismal grade in your class? Not necessarily. You could pull some Secret Agent 007 moves and steal the exam, change your score, and return it before the professor enters the original score into his grade-book. Or you could take a more practical, and probably more successful, route and ask the professor for the opportunity to earn some extra credit.

There a few tried-and-true tactics that I employed during my four years of college that usually helped me get the extra credit that I needed. Here are my top tips that you can use when asking your professor for extra credit on an assignment or in the class in general.

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Use These Tips to Ace Your Next Test

If you are taking summer school, you are most likely approaching your final exams. If you are not taking a summer class, tests probably loom in your more distant future, making them a little less threatening. However, if you are a student, you know that tests are not something to be looked forward to because of all of the pressure to do well. Ugh, talk about a summer buzz-kill.

If you are like me, preparing for a test is a very stressful occasion. You have to spend hours reviewing the materials, reteaching yourself everything you’ve forgotten, and then there comes the time when you walk into the classroom and actually take the test. By the end of those class periods, all I want to do is go home and bury myself beneath my blankets.

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